September 21, 2013

Review: BYS Brow and Eye Pencil

Eyebrows in my humble opinion can make or break your look. Even if your makeup looks nice, but with bare eyebrows it still looks incomplete. 

If you have little time to do your eye makeup, just do your brows, curl your lashes and apply mascara. The fastest way to enhance and define your brows is by using an eyebrow pencil. After testing this product for almost a week, I'm ready to share my thoughts on it.

 BYS Brow and Eye Pencil in Brown

PRICE: Php 250.00 (about $6)

NET WEIGHT: 0.2 grams

WHERE TO BUY: SM Department stores, Watsons
Black, Brown and Blonde.

* affordable
* it has a waxy texture that helps the product glide on effortlessly.
* very pigmented
* no weird smell
* no need to sharpen since it's retractable.
* can also be used as eyeshadow base for smokey eyes and eyeliner (don't forget to set it with eyeshadow to prevent smudging).
* the slanted shape of the pencil makes it easy to create thin or thick lines.

* not smudge-proof and waterproof

* I find the shade Brown to dark for me, so I use MAC Brow set in Girl boy to lighten the color of my brows.
* For people with oily skin, since this product isn't smudge-proof you may want to use a separate brow powder on top to make it last longer.

I like this product! If you are looking for an inexpensive, good quality brow pencil I suggest you try this one. 

Yes, I want to try the lighter shade.

More pics (click to enlarge)

 BYS Brow and Eye Pencil in Brown

 Smudged once with a cotton bud

 Before (bare eyebrows)


BYS is an acronym for Be-Your-Self.
For more info please visit their website at 
and their Facebook page BYS Philippines.

Till next time,

Disclaimer : Product was given as gift.
This is not a paid review and is solely based on my honest opinions.

September 13, 2013

Swatches: Mary Kay Mineral Eyeshadows


 Mary Kay Mineral Eyeshadows retail for Php 330 each (refill).
You can buy empty Mary Kay palettes just like the one pictured below and customize it whatever you want.

During the Mary Kay Press event,we were given an empty palette for us to customize.
 I opted to fill the pallete with 1 pressed powder, 6 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, mascara, eyeliner, brow liner and lipstick.
 I love that the pans are magnetic, you can easily remove and transfer them to smaller palette if you like. 

  I chose the following shades:
Crystalline | Silky caramel | Amber blaze 
Lemongrass | Golden olive | Espresso

Crystalline | Silky caramel | Amber blaze 

Lemongrass | Golden olive | Espresso 


MATTE shades
Espresso | Crystalline | Silky caramel
Among the 3 shades, my favorite is espresso. It is a versatile shade that you can use as brow color, eyeliner (applied wet) and a contour shade for the outer-v.
Amber Blaze | Lemongrass | Golden Olive
 IMO, the texture of the shimmery eyeshadows are similar to Urban Decay. 
The shimmers are not over the top and doesn't feel gritty. 
Amber blaze is close to Half-baked eyeshadow from Urban Decay.

I am very picky with my eye makeup. I easily get swollen eyelids if I'm allergic to a product, but I am happy to say that I am hiyang with Mary Kay.
Mary Kay Mineral Eyeshadows are easy to apply, blends like a dream and long-lasting even without eye primer. I'm in love with the shimmery shades! I noticed that is has minimal fall-outs compared to my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

Here's a diagram on where to apply eyeshadow.
Photo taken from Mary Kay Catalogue

It looks complicated for beginners, but remember practice makes perfect!
This eye technique will suit almost all eye shapes, and perfect for a day or night look.

For more info about Mary Kay Products please visit their website at:

Till next time, 

September 6, 2013

Review: 3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder

3W Clinic Natural Makeup Powder in #21 (30 grams)
This powder is formerly known as Palgantong Theatrical Powder.

The #1 Best selling powder in Japan and Korea. With over 5 million units sold in Japan, this loose powder is a big favorite among Korean movie stars with the flawless finish it gives the face when worn on top of foundation/makeup. It is called the "Star powder" in Japan and Korea.
The key ingredient of this powder is Ceramin from UK. The particles are half the size of other particles commonly used for loose powders.

PRICE: 10 grams (php 600+); 30 grams (php 1,000+)

NET WEIGHT: 30 grams

WHERE TO BUY: Ebay, online stores carrying Japanese makeup.

Transparent Pearl
#21 for fair skintones
#23 for medium skintones

* the particles are very fine indeed! The powder is soft and silky.
* shade #21 is perfect for my NC20 skintone.
* looks very natural when used alone or over BB cream/liquid foundation
* no white cast on photos since it doesn't have SPF
* has a brightening effect, maybe because of the "pink undertones" but don't worry it is not visible when applied.
* doesn't cake even if you retouch frequently (make sure to use oil blotting sheets first).
* effect is nice on photos. Now I know why it is a favorite among Korean/Japanese stars!
* a 30 gram tub will last you more than 6 months when used everyday.

* some may find scent weird, but it disappears a few minutes after application.
* coverage is sheer, if you're looking for a good coverage powder this isn't for you.
* average oil control - my t-zone looks shiny after 3-4 hours, but I don't mind retouching. 

* packaging is kinda messy, especially if you plan to bring it you when travelling.
* only available online.
* kinda expensive

* you can buy a small container with powder puff at Watsons for only Php 50 and use that to transfer a little amount of powder. That way you can easily bring it with you when you retouch or when you travel.
* make sure to wash the powder puff every week to avoid break outs.

This is a good setting powder if you ask me. Fine silky texture, nice oil control and gives you a brightening effect. 

Since I'm kinda impressed with this brand, I'm now curious at the Palgantong BB Cream I saw at Zalora. Should I give it a try?! As you all know, I'm addicted to BB creams! Maybe the effect is lovely especially when paired with this loose powder. =)

More pics (click to enlarge)

Expiration date is stamped on the back of the tub. 
The description is all written in Korean. 

Ohh.. I love the sponge included! It is so soft and fluffy..

The powder looks pale yellow on the photos, but in real life it has a pinkish undertone.

3W Clinic Natural Makeup Powder in #21 

When blended.

From top:
Ben Nye Neutral set vs. 3W Clinic vs. Ben Nye Banana Visage

I have this thing for setting/loose powders, I cannot live without one coz I have oily skin (t-zone). As of press time, I own the ff. setting powders to give you an idea what other brands I'm using. You may click on the links to check my reviews.

1. Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder #21 - now on my nth tub 
2. Ben Nye Banana Visage Luxury Powder - now on my 2nd tub
3. Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder
4. Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder (review to follow)

What's your favorite loose powder?

Till next time, 

September 4, 2013

Spend vs. Save: MAC Eye brushes

As promised, here's the SAVE version of the MAC Eye Brushes I've mentioned on my previous post.

From Left:
MAC 227, 224, 217, 219, 275, 242, 213, 228

Sorry I didn't include the MAC 217 brush coz I cannot a similar brush in my kit, but check out MyMaria's post HERE... She mentioned that the Sigma E25 is a nice dupe for the MAC 217.

Spend: MAC 227 Large Fluff brush
Save: Ecotools large eye brush from 5 pc. Essential eye set

Spend: MAC 224 Tapered blending brush
Save: Ecotools Eye shading brush from the 5 pc. Essential eye set
Ecotools Blending eye brush from the 5 pc. Face Set

Spend: MAC 219 Pencil brush
Save: Marrionnaud Crease brush

Spend: MAC 275 Med Angled Shading brush 
Save: Ecotools Angled Crease brush from the 5 pc. Essential eye set
Sansan Angled brush

Spend: MAC 242 Shader brush
Save: Ecotools concealer brush from the 5 pc. Face Set

As you can see, ELF is bigger than the 242 and can only be used for cream or liquid products. The MAC 242 on the other hand can be used for powder eyeshadows (for packing color), concealer, paintpots etc.

Spend: MAC 213 Fluff brush
Save: ELF Essentials Eyeshadow brush 

ELF is a bit larger than 213, while the Loew Cornell 3/8 Mop brush is denser. 
Sorry I forgot to include my Sembem brushes, i think they are a close dupe to the MAC 213 brush. The Loew Cornell Mop brush on the other hand is closer to the MAC 239 which I don't have, but you can check my previous post HERE.

Spend: MAC 228 Mini Shader brush
Save: Ecotools Petite shading brush from the 5 pc. Essential Eye set

If you have questions about brushes, kindly post it in the comments section.
I'd be happy to answer them.

Till next time, 
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