For even application, I prefer to use a damp sponge so that the foundation will glide easily. Don't forget to moisturise first. You can also use a FOUNDATION BRUSH instead of sponge but make sure to wash after every use.

**For undereye circles (apply concealer after foundation, before powder).
Apply the product using your fingertip ( i prefer to use my middle finger), dot on the undereyes and gently blend and tap until the concealer disappears.. Don't rub.
Apply loose powder to the concealed areas using the pad of your ring finger, this sets your concealer & prevents it from creasing. Make sure you don't apply a lot coz it tends to settle on fine lines..
You can also use a concealer brush if you have one..

**For Pimples marks
Using a small brush( you can use a lip brush ), dot the concealer on the pimple mark and gently blend. Use a slight tapping motion. Set with loose powder. Just make sure to use a concealer that matches your skintone. If you use a wrong shade (ex. too light on you), it will only highlight the pimple mark instead of concealing it.


The Face Shop

TheFaceShop (TFS) is a Korean brand that sells Cosmetics & Skincare. What I like about the brand is that they use natural ingredients. Unlike SKINFOOD which is also a Korean Brand, TheFaceShop products are much cheaper.

My first ever TFS product is the PROFESSIONAL makeup base. Its oil-free & promises to banish unwanted shine so that makeup lasts long. It comes in colors :

GREEN - neutralizes redness & evens out skintone.
VIOLET - neutralizes and brightens yellow tone for healthier complexion.

If you want a makeup base that has SPF, don't worry! They also have PHYTOGENIC makeup base. Its made of Botanical extracts such as Persimmon leaf extract & silicon which feels light on the face & it makes skin breathe.
Also available in 2 colors, Green & Violet.

Another TFS product that I like is the Fruits Jelly Tube, it smells & tastes like candy! So yummy! It comes in delicious fruit flavors such as strawberry, apple & pomegranate depending on the gloss color. I bought the RED one, it tastes like strawberry. Its so glossy and it doesn't dry the lips. It also promises to retain moisture in the lips.

For more products & info about TheFaceShop, you can visit