Product Feature: Carmex Lipbalm

Top: Carmex Original in Jar, Carmex Original in Tube
Bottom: Carmex Click sticks in Strawberry, Cherry & Original flavor

Was running low on my favorite lipbalm- Carmex! Too bad coz this is hard to find here in Cebu City. Imagine my surprise when Carmex Philippines sent me these! <-- click link to visit their Facebook page.

As you all read from my previous post (click HERE), CARMEX tops my list when it comes to lipbalms. What I LOVE about CARMEX lipbalms is that it instantly moisturizes my uber dry lips and the effect is long-lasting compared to other lipbalms I've tried. It has salicylic acid that exfoliates dry lips and leaves a cool tingly sensation that lasts for more than 15 mins.

My favorite Carmex variant is the Click-Stick tube coz its really handy. In fact, I have one in my makeup drawer and one in my makeup bag. Yes, im a CARMEX addict!

Original Carmex lipbalms (stick and pot)

Been using the tube variant for more than a month now and I've used more than half of it. I apply it everynight before I go to sleep. I really love this product and can't live without it. I even stopped using my Smith's Minted rose lipbalm coz I find this more moisturising. Maybe I'm immune to its medicine-like taste and smell (Original variant) coz I've been using Carmex for more than 3 years already.When this tube runs out, I plan to repurchase the cherry flavored one.

Ingredients list (click to zoom)

What's your favorite lipbalm? Have you tried Carmex?

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Disclaimer : Products were sent as gift.
This is not a paid review and is solely based on my honest opinions.

Swatches: MAC Sculpt and Shape Powders

Sculpt and Shape Powder is a split-pan, two-in-one powder with the perfect level of pigment for creating a naturally sculpted look. The deeper shade is matte, making it perfect for contouring the face and body. The lighter shade has low-level pearlized pigments, making it ideal for highlighting the high planes of the face. This non-acnegenic formula has jet-milled pigments to allow for smooth, even, silky application. Sculpt and Shape Powder contains skin conditioning agents like Wheat and Barley Extracts and is dermatologist and ophthalomologist-tested.

click pics to zoom

Shades: Warm Light/Definitive; Accentuate/Sculpt


Warm Light - a gorgeous peach shade that can also be used as blush.
Definitive - a medium brown contouring powder that suits medium to dark skintones. You can also use this shade as eyeshadow to define the outer-v.
- a pinky beige highlighter. I usually use this on the bridge of my nose and cheekbones. This shade suits fair to medium skintones.

- a grayish brown contouring powder that looks so natural on my skintone.

Click HERE to read my review for the Accentuate/Sculpt shade.

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Swatches: Shu Uemura Glow-on Blushes

Top: P Peach 47 | P Pink 30
Bottom: P Orange 53 | Primal Mix in Soul

Close up pics (click to zoom)
P Peach 47 (Peach with shimmers)
This blush is perfect if you want to keep your cheek color subtle.

P Pink 30 (Peachy-pink with shimmers)
My favorite! It goes peachy-pink on me.

P Orange 53 (Neon orange with shimmers)
I already swapped this blush. Its a lovely shade but it looks weird on me.
This suits medium skintones IMO.

Primal Mix Blush in Soul LE (Peach and medium brown)
I bought this from babyjap but haven't tested it on my cheeks yet.


From left: P peach 47, P pink 30, P orange 53, Soul (peach side)
Top: Soul (brown side)

Do you like Shu Uemura blushes?
Care to share what's your favorite shade?

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Review: NARS The Multiple

NARS The Multiple in Orgasm

Product Info from NARS:
The original multi-purpose stick for eyes, cheeks, lips and body. Its unique, creamy formula blends effortlessly to provide sheer color for creating shimmering accents, contours or dynamic highlights on all skin tones. Creates perfect, glowing complexions and is conveniently designed for fail-proof application.

RETAIL PRICE: Php 2,250.00
I'm lucky I got this from swap and its still good as new.

WEIGHT: 14 grams

SHADES : Available in 13 shades.

* pigmented unlike the Powder blush version that barely shows up when swatched.
* non-sticky unlike MAC cream blushes
* easy to apply; glides on smoothly
* can be layered with any powder blush without looking heavy/cakey.
* makes me look GLOWING! This doesn't look too shimmery once applied on the cheeks.
* average staying power (about 4-5 hrs)
* can be used as blush or highlighter

* it creases when used as eyeshadow (even with eye primer underneath)
* expensive! It contains only 14 grams of product.

This product is nice to have but I can live without it...
If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, I read Nichido stick in South Beach is a dupe of Orgasm multiple... the best part?! It only costs less than Php 200 bucks!

RATING : 3/5

More pics (click to enlarge)
NARS Orgasm powder blush vs. The Multiple in Orgasm

I noticed that Orgasm multiple looks more pink whereas the powder blush has more gold flecks to it.

Another shot

Are you a fan of stick/cream blushes?
What's your fave?

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Review: L'oreal HIP Cream Shadow Paint

L'oreal HIP Cream Shadow Paint in Witty & Secretive

Product Info from L'oreal:
Crease-resistant shadow or as a wear extending, color enhancing base.
High intensity pigments provide long-wearing, intense color.
Specially designed brush provides professional and precise application.

RETAIL PRICE: Less than Php 150 on Ebay.

WEIGHT: 7.2 grams

SHADES: Available in more than 5 shades.

* creamy texture ; easy to spread
* pigmented; a tiny amount goes a long way
* hygenic squeeze tube packaging
* secretive is also a eye primer. I noticed minimal (tiny) creasing on the inner corners of my eyelids.
* evens out my lid color (secretive)
* dries to a powder finish
* doesn't look flakey when it dries
* makes my powder eyeshadow colors look more vibrant (see pics below)

* not available locally. I think this product is already discontinued.

* free brush is scratchy so I just use my fingers in applying.

* Apply a small amount on the eyelids using your fingers or a synthetic brush.
* Let it dry first before applying powder eyeshadow on top.

If you're looking for an inexpensive eye primer, I highly recommend SECRETIVE (for those with not so oily lids).
I want to purchase Steely (grayish-black shade), I think it is nice when used as base for grey or black eyeshadows for smokey eyes.


More pics (click to enlarge)
Eyeshadow with and without primer

Free brush is similar to MAC 242 according to THIS blogger.

Have you tried this product?

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