Makeup traincase

Here's a pic of my makeup collection.. =)

I bought this makeup traincase from Hongkong for a steal at HK$150. Original price is $200.

The brands are :

2 way powder / powder : Maybelline, In2it, NYC, Godiva, VMV

Liquid foundation / Makeup Base : Maybelline aqua gel, TheFace Shop, Skin Food

Blush : MAC, L'oreal, Maybelline, Elianto,The Body Shop, Ever Bilena , ELF

Concealer : MAC, Maybelline, VOV

Eyeshadow : TheFaceShop, Lancome, VOV, Careline, ELF

Mascara : Lancome, Maybelline

Lipbalm : Burts bees, Hawaiian tropic vanilla mint, Carmex, Chapstick, Rosebud salve, Smith's minted rose lipbalm, Blistex (im a lipbalm addict!)

Lipstick : Clinique, Maybelline (not a lipstick fan)

Lipgloss : MAC lipglass, Lancome juicy tubes, TheFaceShop, Maybelline, ELF, VMV, Estee Lauder

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