Favorite Read : Makeup Makeovers - Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations

"Makeup is meant to be beautiful, and beautiful makeup is all about the colors you choose and where you place them -- never about how much you put on." - Robert Jones

My first makeup book! International Makeup Artist Robert Jones, shares his insider secrets on how to:

> apply eye makeup based on your eyeshape using 3 eyeshadow shades to highlight, midtone & contour.

> make any face shape appear oval by using contouring.

> choose the right makeup colors based on your skintone, haircolor & eyecolor.

> conceal eyebags, undereye circles & other impefections.

> choose the right makeup tools.

> shape eyebrows depending on your face shape.


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Before (right page) & After (left page) pics of women from various walks of life. Inside it has a detailed explaination on how to achieve their makeup looks.

Php : 1,099 (Powerbooks) or $ 14 on Amazon.com

So go ahead, grab a copy! Definitely worth reading!

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