Review : SkinFood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream SPF 20 PA+

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Product Info :
"A Triple function BB Cream ( whitening, anti-aging, sunblock) that contains skin friendly aloe & mushroom extract, adenosine and arbutin that helps to improve the appearance of fine lines & promotes brighter, more radiant complexion w/ UV properties."

Product Size :
50 grams or 1.76 oz.

Price :

Php 1,500 or about $31 dollars

for very fair skintones with pink undertones
# 2
for fair-medium skintones with yellow undertones

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Coverage :

In terms of coverage, IMO, they're pretty much the same with the Gingko variant except that the Mushroom absorbs easily and its lighter in texture, and its not as oily as the Gingko. For the scent, I love the mushroom variant, its smells more "green" compared to the latter.

I apply my Nivea moisturising fluid SPF 15 in the A.M. , let it absorb for 5-10 minutes, then apply my BB Cream ( depends on my mood either the Gingko or Mushroom variant) .
After letting the cream absorb, I apply concealer on the undereye circles. Dust the whole face with loose powder to set BB Cream & Concealer. I blot my face with Blotting sheets every 4 hours, and sometimes retouch with powder. My skin is not that oily. Only in the T-zone area.

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Caramelmacchiatoplease =) said...

I have yet to open my mushroom BB. How is it in terms of color? Consistent with the other Skinfood BBs?

Caramelmacchiatoplease =) said...

Haha sorry, looking at my comment just now, it looks really dry. lol But yeah, I stumbled on your blog via gtalk =]. Great blog, btw!

bagluvah said...

where can i buy this here in the US?

razor said...

there's a canadian website that ships skinfood cosmetics to the US.

razor said...

there's a canadian website that sells skinfood products and ships to the US. here's the resource...

Anonymous said...

What shade do you prefer on you ?

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ Adam - I prefer #1. MAC nc20-25 for reference but my undertone is neutral I can either use warm or cool shades