Latest Haul..

Before anything else, I'd like to greet you all.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Ho, ho, ho!

My Latest Haul:

Coastal Scents 28 pc. Neutral Palette

Bought this from a local seller, before I saw this I was having second thoughts to buy this one coz I thought maybe the colors will be boring. I was planning to get the 88 pc. Ultra shimmer palette but I find it too colorful for my taste. I'm scared of bright colors!! But the moment I saw this palette i instantly fell in love and I couldn't wait to play with the beautiful colors..

Close up photo (click to enlarge)

Cheapie Cream Eyeshadow Palette from Miss Beauty & Baxi

Bought them for less than a 100 bucks each. I love them! Very long lasting & buildable. They don't have that funky smell like some cheap eyeshadows do..

Thanks sis Aika! Read it from her GT post kasi. =)

Aren't they lovely?!

Here's some proof.. Swatched on NC25 skin

Miss Beauty Eyeshadow (left palette)

I just love how shimmery they are!!! =)

Credits : Photographed by James Lam


- - aika - - said...

love it :D shining shimmering splendid :D

merry xmas dear :)

Unknown said...

Looks nice! Where'd you get it?

Tish said...

Okay, so I'm late. Where do I get these lovely eyeshadow palettes? Would love to have tiny palettes I can slip in my purse.