I heart Nivea..

Proud to be a Nivea girl! I love their products especially their lotions & moisturisers!
Some products that I'm using now:

Nivea Sensitive Balance cleansing milk - a makeup remover that's gentle. Especially formulated for sensitive skin. My fellow Girltalker Jheng, also love this one. Read her complete product review here.

Nivea Body Whitening milk repair lotion - has UVA/UVB filters, White bioactive & Vitamin E. I use this everyday, this prevents my arms from darkening when exposed to the sun while am driving every morning.

Nivea Body Intensive Milk lotion - formulated for dry skin. It has Vitamin A derived from Avocado oil. I use this every night after bath (before going to bed.)

Nivea Body & Soul Skin Oil - a fast absorbing oil with Calendula, Tangerine & Lavender fragrance. Very relaxing scent and really moisturising!

Nivea Anti-wrinkle eye cream with Q10 plus - promises to reduce undereye wrinkles. Been using this for a while but I haven't noticed results yet.. But I read Mylene Dizon is a fan of this.

Nivea Face Sunblock whitening cream SPF 50 - with Licorice Extract to whiten skin. I love it coz its fast absorbing, but my face feels itchy after i use this. I really have to find my HG sunblock =(

Nivea Visage Multiple white spot corrector serum - with Multiple white & Vit C to lighten skin pigmentation. I use this before applying Nivea Night cream.

Now for my HG moisturisers

Nivea Visage Multiple Whitening night cream - a rich cream that really moisturises my face & neck.

Nivea Visage Multiple Whitening fluid with SPF 15 - with oil absorbing particles. I use this every morning before applying makeup. I love this coz its really light on the skin and really mild.

NIVEA products that I used before:
> Lipbalm in Cherry - yummy! I just love its flavor!
> Visage Whitening Eye cream - a waste of money! Didn't lighten my undereye circles.
> Whitening Spot Treatment Cream - I thought its a face cream! wahaha.. I used it on my face before as night cream.. Luckily, i didn't have break out..
> Visage Multiple Whitening Toner - an alcohol free toner. I forgot why I stopped using it.
> Visage Whitening Facial foam - i just love how it cleanses my face but I had breakouts.
> UVA/UVB Lotion - i forgot the exact name.

Products I want to try soon..
> So Soft Cream (for face)
> Extra Whitening Milk repair lotion

How about you? What products do you like from Nivea? =)


Soapaholic said...

Before I decided to try switching to all-natural skin care products, I used Nivea Extra Sensitive Night Cream. This was really rich and moisturizing and gave me soft skin on waking up.:)

I also used a small bottle of Night Whitening Milk and it was okay but I didn't notice any whitening effect. Maybe because I just used up a small bottle.

Sadly, the original plain Nivea Creme (the one that comes in a blue tub) broke me out. It was also too thick and greasy for me.

Your Nivea collection is impressive!:D

AskMeWhats said...

ohhh you are a Nivea fan!! Nivea products are good! :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

Haven't tried Nivea Cream (blue tin), you're right its really thick for the face..

I really love the whitening milk, been using it for 2 years, it really prevents my skin from darkening. If you use it everyday maybe you'll notice whitening results too.. =)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

hi sis nikki! Are you a nivea fan too? =)

Abby said...

I'm an avid nivea fan too ;) only that if i would be asked of what's my most favorite nivea product, it would be no other than the ultimate: NIVEA CREME ;) happy love day ;)

Shen said...

i agree. nivea products are good. :) with regards to your question on my cbox, you can purchase the barenaturals products via their multiply site (barenaturals.multiply.c0m) or my online shop (addictedtominerals.multiply.c0m). :) hope i was able to help. :)

Madt said...

I love Nivea products too :) For me they are so effective and the quality is also good :) Two thumbs up for Nivea!

Yummy Mummy said...

have you tried using NIVEA Baby for your baby?

Jiapei said...

nivea whitening product are good but i felt it's too oily for me ><"

SimplySyL said...

Hi. I love sleeping and waking up with the Nivea Body and Soul Skin Oil on my skin. I so love the relaxing smell and the softness it gives to your skin. I received it as a gift but I just had the last drop of it. Can you tell me where to find it here in the Philippines? Been searching for that product here in cebu. I am already panicking. THankssssss..

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@simplysyl - sis, wala na din akong makitang body and soul oil here eh.. its phased out na siguro?! =(

alat sex said...

nivea good perfect product to face clean and white so all to buy market