My Beauty Tips & Tricks..


> If you don't have an eye primer, liquid concealer set with loose powder works great to even out your lids and make your eye makeup last longer.

> To make concealer last, use eye cream first preferably gel based ones and let it sink for about 5 minutes. Blot excess with tissue, apply concealer with a brush then gently pat using your fingertips. Set with loose powder.

> I only use Johnson's light non-greasy baby oil to remove stubborn waterproof mascara.

> For gel eyeliners, you can add a drop of non-greasy oil to prevent drying. Really works!

> For a natural dewy effect, you can use petroleum jelly on the eyelids. Be careful though coz it causes eyeshadow to crease.

> Castor oil applied every night with a spoolie really thickens the lashes.

> Do not underestimate the power of a white eyeliner/shadow. It brightens up the face and eyes.

> For a falsies effect, use 2 kinds of mascara. Apply the volumising mascara first, let it dry and next the lenghtening mascara. I use Maybelline's Volume express and Avon's Daring Curves.

> Put eyecream and moisturiser on the fridge for a cooling effect.

For cream foundation, to make the formula sheerer apply it using a damp sponge. I prefer to use sponge wedges (available in Beauty bar for Php 150 for 30 wedges), since its hygenic and easy to use on hard to reach areas on the sides of the nose and the eye area.

> Don't forget to moisturise before applying foundation, let it sink for 5 mins.

> For a quick way to remove my makeup, I use unscented baby wipes, but I NEVER EVER go to sleep without washing, toning and cleansing my face.

> To make blush last longer, layer cream/liquid blush with powder blush.
Apply foundation first, then liquid/cream blush, set with loose powder then apply powder blush.

> A medium matte shade of powder can be used as contour powder for a cheaper alternative.
Try E.L.F.'s Clarifying powder in Tone 3 or 4.

> Use a fan brush to remove falling eyeshadow pigments. You can also use it for pigmented blushes for a sheerer effect.

> The Body Shop's shimmerwaves is a great multi-purpose product. You can use it as highlighter, eyeshadow and blush. For a cheaper alternative, try Sansan's Brick blush for only php 120.

> ALWAYS apply lipbalm before lipstick to prevent drying and chapped lips and don't forget to apply before bedtime.

> For lipstick to last longer, blot lips with tissue to remove moisture, apply lipstick, dust with a little loose powder, blot again and reapply lipstick.

> To exfoliate lips, I use a soft damp cloth every morning. A soft toothbrush works fine too!

> I apply Smith's Rosebud Salve everynight before I go to sleep. Works also on rough cuticles.


P.S. Thiamere this post is for you.. =)


Jem said...

i love your tips
thank you so much for sharing it

i have a dried out gel liner & what i did was i mixed it with a light baby oil & its fine now..though i don't use it that much...

i already started on the castor oil thing too since i have short & thin lashes...hoping that it would do something for it...
*fingers crossed*

i'll be adding this one on the list of entries on my blog

thanks so much for joining

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

wow! very informative, really helpful! thanks so much for this. :)

shatzlaine said...

i can't use white eyeliner for lower waterlines,. mine is naturally brown, so whenever i use white liner it turned ashy or dark =(

pankeke said...

ha ha ha i feel proud to know i already follow most of these tips !! especially johnson&johnson oil... it works to take off EVERYTHING better than half the makeup removers... plus it doesnt sting your eyes >.<

Unknown said...

Wow! Super great tips!

Sherry said...

oh the lips need apply lip balm first.. hehe.. first time I know.

great tips :)