FAKE MAC Cosmetics on Ebay Ph!


There are lots of FAKE MAC Products on E-bay!
And worst, they're claiming its Authentic or Limited Edition!

Okay, Lets start:

Seller no. 1

To confuse buyers, she indicated stated that this product is the Mineralized Foundation from Japan. Obviously, its a FAKE. Just look at the packaging and the sponge!

2 years ago, I purchased this product from a local forum here in Cebu.. At that time, I don't know much about MAC. When I researched online, the Authentic Pro-preffered white powder has a different packaging from this one, and also just look at the sponge! SUPER FAKE!

She's selling this for Php 600 with free shipping. Bought mine before for P350! I never got the change to use it coz I'm afraid it would break me out..


One way to know its fake is to check out their shades and also, REAL MAC blushes have Shade Names not Numbers!

Seller No. 1 is selling this for Php 750 with free shipping! Haha..
I'm not from Manila but I read these are priced at Php 50 in Tiangges?!
Correct me if I'm wrong..

Look closely at the back side of the blush, it says "MO3" =P

Moving On..

Here's Seller no. 2, who's selling way overpriced FAKE Items!

Just look at his items..

Obviously this Hello Kitty Palette is FAKE!

FAKE Hello Kitty Lipglasses with Shades 01, 02, 03 etc..

This seller is selling this for a whooping Php 900 each!
Update: its been lowered from Php 1,200!


with Shade Names 01, 02, 03 etc..

Whew! That's it..
Hope these guys will learn a lesson! Scamming people with their hard earned money!
Is there a way to report them in E-bay?!

Check out these posts from my blogger friends about FAKE Products..

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And also, when in doubt, check MAC's website for the Shade Names and Products..


Pammy said...

I'm pikon na with those sellers selling fake MAC items for a really high price that I messaged one seller, JUKIRTAPH, selling a fake MAC blush for PHP750. The seller said the items are under "Goodbye Products of MAC". What the heck? Still so fake. I said I am interested in a few shades and asked if the blushes have mini brushes and brush compartments in the compact. And the seller said "YES". Di na ako nakatiis and I told the seller, "So it's fake. I'm sorry but this is just plain wrong. Overpriced fake MAC item. This is cheating people off their money for something that is FAKE. Have a great day. :)"

KRYSTAL said...

haha wow! those fake HK items made me laugh!! thats the reason why i dont buy anything from ebay!!

AskMeWhats said...

wow...selling them for the price the same or almost the same as the original price is just too much! ok , lets say they sell fake MAC items..but a price like 50-100 is ok pa, but 900? 1,000???

The Beauty Junkee said...

kadiri yung face powder! peke na peke! ugh! :D

Miss D said...

this is so frustrating!!!!
they have no excuse for doing this.
and what're the ingredients they use for this...
it could be harmful..

they're so bad.

Crystal said...

grabe nagkalat talaga ang fake na MAC!

Unknown said...

i would probably buy these makeup if they werent labeled as mac. im pretty sure they can sell on their own without imitating a brand. these things makes me mad lol.

lelila said...

para na silang mga kabute!

Fabuless Beauty said...

Wow. People actually do that?

krizzy04 said...

just recently lang talaga, i was looking for MAC powder, i saw this ad from a seller sa local forum dito sa cebu...super fake!kainis!
me mga tao talagang walang konsensya!grrrr!

Caby said...

I saw these on ebay haha! I find it sad how people sell fake mac. Love your blog im now following you :)

Maui (Suushh) said...

Fake makeup sellers annoy me to no end. First of all you ask them if its authentic and they say yes. So i think maybe they dont know theyre fake and you tell them. and they delete all your comments and stop replying.

But anyway for some reason I really just get annoyed whenever I see fake esp. when theyre labeled authentic.

I love trying to score deal on ebay. but did my research too hehe anyone whos interested to learn more about fake products can check these out too as well :)



Thanks for posting this! The ones who manafucture the fake products are getting better at it :/

Miyaka Kourai(紅雷 宮嘉) said...

Oh My God. Mahirap Na Talagang I-Tell Kung Orig Yung MAC O Hinde..Goshness Sis Thanks For The Info! Meron Akong Class A Na Hello Kitty Na MAC Na Mascara, Pero Ok Naman Sya Saken...Pero I Still Long For The Original Though~!