Natural vs. Synthetic Makeup Brushes

**image from Shu Uemura**

Based on my research here's a quick rundown :

SYNTHETIC BRUSHES - they are usually made of Taklon and Nylon.

* very soft
* doesn't smell bad
* good for sensitive skin
* cheaper compared to natural hair

* there's pigment fall outs <- is this the correct term?! =P
- i noticed this when applying powder eyeshadow

* they can harden especially when often used with cream products.

- made of goat hair, squirrel hair, horse hair, sable, pony, etc..


* really good in picking up pigments
* the older the better (the hair becomes soft with age)


* has a weird smell <-
hey, they're made of animal hair =P
* don't get me wrong, these are soft but not AS soft compared to the synthetic ones
* much expensive
* not advisable for sensitive skin or people allergic to animal hair

According to
Natural Hair Makeup Brushes are good for applying Powder based products like loose / pressed powders and blushes.

Synthetic Hair Makeup Brushes are best for Creamy products such as concealers (liquid/cream), liquid foundations, lipstick (for lipbrushes).

* I wash my face/ powder brushes once a week (deep cleaning).
After each use I wipe them clean with baby wipes.

* For foundation brushes, I wash them every day.

* I use a drop of dishwashing liquid/ baby shampoo, then gently swirl the brush hair on my palm.

* Wash throughly with running water (swirling motion) with the head facing down, so that water will not enter the ferrule (metal part that separates the brushes from the handle).

* I lay them down to dry using a small towel. I prefer to elevate my brushes so that it will dry faster and again, the water will not drip inside and moisten the glue that binds the hair.

* NEVER attempt to blowdry brushes! It will ruin the hair..

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What Brush hair do you prefer? Let me know! =)


AskMeWhats said...

love your post! so true, powdered makeup are great with natural bristles and synthetic ones are good for creams and liquid ! :) great great post! and YAY for NO TO BLOWDRYING your brushes!

twinsouls888 said...

Very nice post. By the way, your Jessie Glova Makeup Brush set is on my wishlist. After my purchase of L'egere BB Cream, I'll be purchasing the Jessie Glova Makeup Brush Set with the red handles next ^_^. Please leave a reply here or in my blog on the shipping cost. I'm from Manila.