Review : Garnier Light Eye Contour Whitening Cream

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PRODUCT INFO (from box)

How it is different?

Skin around the eye is extremely thin and fragile and is prone to dark circles, fine lines and dark spots. Daily UVA/UVB rays enhance further darkening on this dedicated area, making your eye contour look dull.

Discover Garnier Light Eye contour whitening cream, with a triple targeted action.

How does it work?

*Associated with massage techniques, Light Eye cream improves eye contour’s micro-circulation to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

*The formula contains anti-UVA/UVB filters (spf 15) to protect the fragile eye zone against harmful daily rays and prevent fine lines.

*It is enriched with pure lemon essence and herbal extract to lighten eye contour and tone down spots.

Dark circles and dark spots are less visible, eye contour skin is smoother and more uniform, luminous with healthy glow. Fragrance free, ophtalmologically tested for optimal tolerance on the delicate eye contour.

Noted efficiency

*Dark circles are reduced: 80%

*Eye contour is immediately smoother : 93%

*self assessment on 40 women


Herbal extract, from the Chinese pharmacopeia, to help reduce main cause of skin dullness and dark spots and to recover a fair skintone.

Natural Pure Lemon essence is associated with Vitamin C, for its smoothing and brightening properties. For dark circles visibly reduced and skin more homogenous.

Product Weight :

Price :
Around Php 300

Rating :
3 out of 5

* non-sticky
* fast absorbing
* unscented
* affordable
* tube packaging

* can't think of any =)

Been using this eye cream for 2 weeks, haven't noticed any major improvements but I noticed my eye area looks refreshed and my dark circles have lighted a bit. My fine lines are still there, no visible improvement yet, hopefully it will be reduced after I finish the tube. I wanna try their EYE BRIGHTENING Roll-on as soon as this runs out. =)


AskMeWhats said...

Garnier makes great eye creams or products :) Glad you're liking yours!

Camille Santos said...

i need this meron akong major baggages