Shade Guide for MAC

*Image from MAC Cosmetics*

Still wondering what's your MAC shade for foundation, concealer or powder?
Are you a N? C? NW? NC?
So confusing right?!

Here's a simple guide I want to share with you.
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The Letters stands for the different skin tones while the numbers refer to your skin's depth from 15 (fairest) to 55 (very dark skin)

N stands for Neutral skintones (Beige skin)
C stands for Cool skintones (Yellow, Golden, Olive skin)
W stands for Warm skintones (Pinkish skin)
NC stands for Neutral Cool skintones (Golden Beige skin)
NW stands for Neutral Warm skintones ( Pink Beige skin)

I know, MAC's shade guide is really confusing coz from what I know WARM skin has a yellow undertone, while from their description its the other way around.

According to Sokissandmakeup:

"The reason for this is that MAC uses the makeup artists color wheel which is pretty much the opposite of what we usually think of as cool vs. warm. An easy way to look at it is like this: Think of each MAC foundation shade as being named with either the cool or warm shade that would neutralize and balance out your skin tone."

Now, to detemine your skin undertones take a look at your wrist or the underside of your arm.

If your veins are purplish blue - you have pink undertones
If your veins are greenish blue - you have yellow undertones

Pink undertones look good on white gold / silver jewelry.
Yellow undertones look good on gold jewelry.

Hope you find this post useful! Xiao! =)


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Samantha Lee Shin said...

Regarding the colour of the veins of your wrist to determine your undertone is not entirely accurate. The undertone of your face does not have to match the undertone of your wrists. Mostly people have combination skintone, so it's better to just determine from the face for higher accuracy, since makeup is what you put on your face anyway.

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Very informative post(s),thanks for sharing your knowledge. One question: When is the best time of year to have your skin typed for MAC cosmetics? (Fall Winter Spring or Summer)

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