Review : Bare Naturals Deluxe Brush set

Got this set last September and I totally forgot about it til my reader Mae requested for a review.

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Comes with a washable, eco-friendly jute brown pouch (not shown).

Got all of the brushes for Php 998!
Its cheaper because I availed of their pre-buy promo last July.
Thanks Ms. Lami for the freebies! Click here to read my first post.

PRICE (if bought individually):
Duo fiber / Stippling - Php 648
Eyeshadow brush - Php 208
Face/ foundation brush - Php 328
Concealer brush - Php 178

* all of the brushes are uber soft
* doesn't bleed when washed
* minimal shedding
* locally available
* not expensive
* brush hair & handle are made of good quality
* good for sensitive skins coz its made of synthetic hair
* can be used with traditional or mineral makeup

* nothing!


Duo Fiber/ Stippling Brush
> The black hair doesn't bleed and super soft! I use this for liquid foundation..

Eyeshadow Brush
> I think this brush is similar to MAC 222 Tapered Blending brush based on MAC's website. I really can't compare coz I don't own that brush. I find this brush a bit large for my eye area if used for contouring. I only use it as a highlighter brush (browbone) or to sweep eyeshadow fall outs. This is also nice for blending harsh eyeshadow lines.

Face / Foundation brush
> the name says it all. Best for applying liquid foundation or powder foundation if you want more coverage.

Concealer brush
> The size is kinda big for a concealer brush (see photo below). Can also be used for applying cream eyeshadows.

MAC Limited Edition brushes vs. Bare Naturals Deluxe Set
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**Pic taken from Bare Natural's website**
Note : BN Eyeshadow brush not included in the pic


For reference, here's a pic of MAC Adoring Carmine Set
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Will post side by side pic of the BN Deluxe set and MAC's Adoring Carmine Set as requested by Mae soon..


My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks said...

Thanks for this review sis. I might get one set for myself na din because of your review :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

fortunately, this one doesn't shed that much.. and they did not bleed too when washed.. they're soft too! =)

AskMeWhats said...

the handle looks gorgeous! wow!!! thanks for the review!

twinsouls888 said...

tnx for the review girl, very informative ^_^. The gold color look so cute ^_^