Tiny haul from All Natural Face

Can you believe I got all of these for less than $6 including shipping?!

All Natural Face Eyeshadow Primer w/ brush

$4 for a 5 gram jar + 1.25 for shipping

This is a multi-purpose product that can be used as primer for the eyelids, undereyes or even the lips. Apply before you put eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick to pump up the color.

Unlike other primers that makes your eyeshadow lasts longer, this ONLY makes the color more vibrant. (see pic below)
I noticed that my eyeshadow creased at the end of the day..

The mini brush is uber soft! Can be used as an eyeliner brush or brow color brush.

Generous freebies.. Thanks Crystal!

4 Eyeshadow samples (from left to right)
> Smokey purple, Cherry bomb, Just Peachy, Cornflower blue

Peony Pink lipgloss sample

Angel wings lipgloss sample

Seal it eyeshadow & eyeliner sealer

Dual ended Eyeshadow applicator


See?! The eyeshadow colors really looks bold and vibrant!
Love it! Can't wait to play with other colors..


Wanna order?


That's it for now! Xiao!


vanilla said...

isnt crystal the best?so affordable and i love their lipglosses !lol

Jenna said...

Bargain!!! must try them. Good thing i need an eyeshadow primer.


Love, Sweetcheeks said...

dang! that is SUCH a good deal! I'm gonna have to check out their site now! for sure :-)

dulcette said...

nice buy sister! :D
i wish i had a job na, so i can use my credit card freely. haha :D

AskMeWhats said...

wow for the vibrant-ness but I'm sorry your shadows still creases at the end of the day.. thanks for the review

Fifi said...

Lol I just posted my haul from the all natural face too. =)
You should try the lipgloss, I like it so much :)