The Body Shop Blog my butter event..

The Body Shop is starting the year right by celebrating their bestselling body butters! This month will be full of awesome body butter-ific activities!

To kick-off their celebration, they'll be having their first body butter blogging event on
January 8, 2010, Friday at 4:00 PM in The Body Shop, Robinsons Galleria!

They will be tying up with The White Hat frozen yogurt for the event so you can see (and now taste) the fruity and delicious flavours of The Body Shop Body Butters!

Please spread the word to your blogger pals..
Remember to dress 80's pop!


K said...

too bad I cant go :( still at the office at 4

ikain nyo na lang ako ng yogurt haha

billie said...

Thanks for posting Kim! :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

you're welcome Billie! =)

Camille Santos said...

ahm,,,,whats an 80's pop attire..hehe.i want to go if only my husband would join me on this kind of things hehe

billie said...

hi shobe! :) 80's pop is colorful 80's. you can wear anything 80's-- think That's Entertainment! :D Np, you can bring your husband too! see you guys there! :)

My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks said...

I want to go! It's our monthsary too on the 8th :)