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Make no compromises!

New Kotex Luxe Sanitary Napkin* is the first ultra thin pad that gives you breakthrough Fusion Technology, a revolutionary combination of dry-net and cotton-like covers to help you get the dryness of net and the softness of cotton with just one pad! No more compromises!

No Compromise

When faced with life's choices, you stick to your guns. Nobody tells you what you
can't do, or what you can't have. You're in the driver's seat and you're not going
to apologize for your choices.

You may go this way or that. Or have it both ways, just because you're you. It's not
fence-sitting if you get exactly what you want. One thing is for sure, you will
settle for no less than perfect.

You are a Kotex Luxe woman, and you never compromise.

You know you're right and you'll stand up for it. You will not settle for anything less because you deserve the best!

As a New Year's treat, Kotex is giving away 15 sample packs (5 pieces per pack) to my readers.

All you have to do is:
1. Share your "No Compromise experience".

2. Leave your answer in the COMMENTS section.
Don't forget to leave your name and e-mail address.

Contest starts NOW and ends on January 15, 2010.
Sorry Philippine residents only. =)

I will draw the 15 lucky winners via Random.org.

Goodluck everyone!


Unknown said...

I’ve been a Kotex user for some time and yesssss….. its perfect – I like the feeling of freshness and comfort that I find in the product. 

eunice libanan

Curtney said...

I agreed to a date with guy at school. Now I am a very simple girl but It doesn't mean that he or any guy can get away with anything for as long as they would shower me with expensive gifts or treat me in fancy restaurants.

If he taught of me that way, then he is solely mistaken.

I firmly told the guy that our date was a mistake! I will not settle for anything less of what I deserve.


rosey said...

It was a choice between: I'll take a shot of brandy (because bf's friends are insisting) or a fight with bf if I'll refuse(since I don't drink and I know he'll think "ndi ako marunong makisama"). I chose to refuse. And I was right, we had a big fight. And I never felt sorry with my decision. They can't make me do things that I don't do, which in the first place they are aware of.


ghreizy said...

I love dares! When somebody tells me that I can't do it, I just says "Watch Me". One time me and my friends went to Tagaytay and my goal was to try the ZIP LINE (i think they call it by that name). My friends told me that I should give up because it was freaking scary. No one accompanied me (wtf! they're not true friends JOKE!) and voila! thats the greatest adventure ever! Sorry for them they will never experience that kind of adventure.


heartlocks19 said...

my dad told me to compromise my studies and work first because we have less money at that time... hehe, but what I did was I do study at night and do my work at day...

I was really happy that I still become successful at both...


Snowy Summer said...

I'm a homemaker with 6 and 8y/o kids. After 7 years, I was given a chance to work again. But had to resigned. Need to give it up, because of my kids.

That's compromisng my dreams. And now, I'm back of being a 24/7 mommy :D

suzanne delos santos

Millette said...

I've falen and recovered in each of the trying times I went through, all because of the Divine Providence. At those times when I hit rock bottom and felt like giving up on life, I felt God's Hand ushering me to go on and see the good in each situation.

Because of the Cross and what Jesus sacrificed to save us all, I'll stand by my faith no matter what the cost. I have to be ruthless about living it up for the Lord in everything I do--above all oppositions/adversities and be staedfast.

Millette said...

My name and email are as follows:


MaryJoyce said...

When i was reviewing for my board exams, i told myself that i would focus and i promised myself a 3-months strictly study rule . I made good on that promise, i really immersed myself in nonstop studying, no parties, no going out. It worked well, and i am reaping the fruits of my labors . I topped the board exams =)

Mary Joyce
joyceongco at yahoo dot com

Ms. M said...

Its a choice of where to find a job. In Manila or at our province. My sister is already working in Manila and is waiting for me. But I choose to work at our province because of low cost of living.


Lucky Finds said...

I fell in love with a friends. I was in a dilemna since I might lose our friendship if I let him know how I felt at the time and letting my "one true love" get away.

I told myself the I will never settle for a second best so I've finally decided to tell him and probably be happy if he reciprocates my feelings. I don't want to be 50 and still thinking about "what could have beens" with the one the got away.

Turned out to be a wise decision. We've been a couple since then.

following your blog as luckyfinds

Unknown said...

No compromise moment for me was when my mother got hurt by stepping on something and she refused to go to the doctor to have it checked. I really forced her to have her checked and have an anti-tetanus vaccine and to have it cleaned by the doctor. We cannot compromise her health because we love her dearly.

Bagel Betorin

torque15 said...

NO compromise on our thesis. when i heard news of others soliciting theses for a price, i wanted my group to experience the pains and struggles of its entire process, that we may reap the natural high and pride of finishing it and defending it, with flying colors! when i look back, i'm glad i stood my ground and became a good influence to my groupmates.

iamtorque15 at gmail dot com

hidburn said...

I will not compromise the safety of others. I was riding my bike one day when a child ran across the road and caught me unawares. But instinct would save me from inflicting harm on the errant child, even if it meant multiple gashes on my arms and lacerations on my leg, plus a fractured knee.


pixiedusk said...

I will not compromise the security and comfort of my family especially when it comes to food, medicine and health so I will definitely choose only the best for them.

Merlinda Little

kaho din said...

Pwede pa pong makahabol?
Kahodin will not compromise the health and education of own tot. Tried one time when tot got sick and wasnt home, it was total anguish. Good thing my parents were there. The same goes for schooling, I will try very hard to put him into a good school.
Kahodin is found here: kahodin@gmail.com.removethispls

Unknown said...

Never will I compromise my kids well-being, my family's happiness and our rights.