NARS Orgasm blush dupes

Looking for a NARS Orgasm dupe?

Just want to share...
Credits to www.mywomenstuff.com

*Pic from www.mywomenstuff.com*

I have Loreal's front page peach, when applied with a light hand it looks kinda similar to Orgasm but its more on the pink side..
Maybelline's Mineral blush in Simply Coral and Cover girl Classic blush in Rose Silk is a dupe too!

Other inexpensive peachy-pink blushes you might want to try:
> ELF Glow blush - I'm now on my 3rd pan. I really love the color, although staying power is not that impressive but who cares?! Its only 125 pesos =)

> Fanny Serrano Blush in Coral Pink - a shimmery peachy-pink, packaging is similar to Chanel's blushes.

> Fashion 21 blush #1 - my friend Gem loves this!

> Nichido Blush in Sunkissed - their blushes are really pigmented.

> Ever Bilena Blush in Honest - a matte peachy-pink blush. The brush included is soft too! Not bad for Php 150.

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Camille Santos said...

wow khymm thats a lot of dupes,dami blush adik adik hehe

Maui (Suushh) said...

Great post! I was just about to comment that I think loreals front page peach looks a lot like orgasm hehe and the one from guerlain :)

Anastacia said...

Wou! You hae so many blushes! That dupes looks pretty! Esp the Loreal one looks so great!

Anastacia said...

hehe~ Just noticed it's not your pic. But anyways all of them looks nice! Thanx for share!

CHARRY said...

Nice Post Khymm! :)

Fifi said...

I love peachy blushes. Out of all blushes I have, most of them are either peachy brown or peachy pinks. :D

Urban Decay's "Score" really reminds me of Orgasm too.

Jem said...


i will have to check that L'oreal blush.
thanks for a very nice post!

have a great evening,girl!

+ S T A R + said...

there are a lot of good dupes khymm.
thats why naisip ko rin baket pako mag orgasm ang dami naman pareho.
yung elf the best yun for me.

Unknown said...

Really useful!!

Liana said...

thanks for the info!

Crystal said...

haha naunahan mo ko! i planned to do this also pero MMU naman yung blushes.

*Anita* said...

thanks for the swatches! these are some lovely blushes! i want to check out L'Oreal's Front Page Peach now :D xx

twinsouls888 said...

I just bought the Milani Luminous, hope I'll like it ;) Tnx for this post Kym ^_^

Kai | Kat said...

nice post! i love the elf blush in glow, too!

another good dupe of orgasm is maybelline clear smooth minerals blush in original rose (n01). it's just a bit more pink. i'd link a swatch but my cam sucks.

Mestizah said...

nice post sis. ^_^