Review : ELF Two way cake foundation in Beige

I'm so happy that some ELF Studio items are now available here in Cebu. Saw this foundation and I immediately tested this on my hand! I was amazed at the coverage and texture. I even asked the SA what foundation she's using coz her skin looked flawless, and she said she's using this!

ELF Two way cake foundation in Beige

PRODUCT INFO from box:
This dual foundation can be used wet for a creamy full coverage or dry for a sheer coverage. The SPF 15 formula combats premature aging and protects against sun damage. The easy to blend lightweight formula is great for all skin types and gives a natural looking finish for all day wear.

APPLICATION TIPS : Apply prior to sun exposure. For a sheer coverage, use the sponge dry. For a fuller coverage, dampen then the sponge applicator with water to apply the powder wet.

Note : I edited the description and application tips coz they interchanged some info on the box. It was indicated to use the a wet sponge for a sheer coverage and dry for a full coverage =P

RETAIL PRICE: Php 250 (about $5)

WEIGHT : 8.5 grams / 0.3 oz.

SHADES : Available in 4 shades. I got the BEIGE shade - it matches my NC20-25 skintone.
* Sorry I forgot the other shade names. I tried to search online but can't find any info.

* it has spf 15
* i'm surprised that the powder is finely milled!
* no makeup scent
* very smooth finish when applied
* inexpensive
* compact has a separate sponge compartment like MAC Studio fix.
* no allergies or irritations

* compact made of cheap plastic (but it doesn't bother me that much, as long as the product works!
* the sponge provided is made of latex? it smells bad hehe. Make sure to wash it first before using.

Use blotting paper/tissue first to absorb the oil on your face before retouching, and to prevent your makeup from caking. Wash the sponge frequently and replace it when it starts to crumble.

You can also use a Powder brush to apply this if you want to a sheer coverage or a Flat top brush for a medium coverage.

Will definitely repurchase!

4 out of 5.

ELF Two way cake foundation in Beige

My powder foundations for shade and size reference
I didn't include my Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder foundation (old packaging) since it has a square compact LOL =P

From Left to right :

MAC Studio Fix in NC25
ELF Two way cake foundation in Beige
Avon Simply pretty dual powder foundation in Light Beige
^^ yey, I've hit the pan! =)

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K said...

wow! congratulations on hitting the pan!
I miss purchasing ELF items when Im on my way home from school, I drop by SM haha

Have you tried Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder? Ive been itching to try one since there's a lot in ebay for sale

vanilla said...

wow what a steal!hehe

Lisa said...

This is from the Studio line right?

Nikkisho said...

wow!thats great i love that it has spf,i will check SM,hopefully they have my color.thanks for the review

Camille Santos said...

khymm yellow undetone ba siya??

miemiemie said...

cool! kaso wala naman samin dito niyan..hehe

AskMeWhats said...

interesting! that's a great product for such coverage! :)

electronicfly said...

Oooo I didn't know ELF had two way cake! I buy through sprees from their US website, and no two way cake there :(

pankeke said...

do you have acne problems at all?? im actually searching for some inexpensive powders to try out but I am always worried because my skin is really acne prone!!

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ Lisa J- i think its from the studio line based on the packaging.

@shobe - the beige color has a slight yellow undertone, while the next darker shade, its for NC30 skintones I think with more yellow undertones.

@electronicfly - tried to search ELF's site but I can't find this product too..

@pankeke - have you tried Pigeon pressed powders? They're hypoallergenic (made for babies), maybe it will work for you.

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

looks promising! i might check this out the next time i go to their counter. thanks for the review khymm! :)

Anastacia said...

Wow! Another grat stuff by ELF! Sounds so good!

jo.frougal said...

Khymm, thanks so much for this info. Where in Cebu, please? SM? Ty again.

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ jo.frougal - bought it at an ELF stall in Metro ayala.

Unknown said...

I have never purchased ELF products before but it seems to be promising. I'm so glad to have read your review since now I'm a little less reluctant to try it! :) Great post! Mind if I follow your blog? :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for following my blog! My beauty blog is here:

I run two blogs under the same profile. :) I can't wait to see all your new posts!

JoiceyTwenty said...

wow thanks for the review:) i'm really eyeing on this one so i searched for some reviews about it. and so i found your blog;)) thanks big time for this, and yeah it's a really cheap one. that's why i really want to try it! :))

Frocks-&-FrouFrous of a Wife's Life said...

hi ms. khymm! thank you for this review... il be in cebu nextweek! hope i can drop by metro. :) for you, which one will u recommend, this one or the avon simply pretty? why? thanks Ms. Khymm!