Review: Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Plumping Treatment

I already have Duwop's Lip Venom, read more to see if this product is at par with the famous lip plumper.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation in Clear

PRODUCT INFO from Sally Hansen:
  • Refreshingly tingly gloss instantly inflates lips.
  • Ginger and Cinnamon help stimulate and plump lips.
  • Peppermint provides lips with a cooling and stimulating sensation.
  • Lips become flushed and plump instantly for a sexy, pouty look that lasts.
  • Guaranteed Visible Results.
  • Dermatologist Tested.
Special Ingredients: Ginger and Cinnamon stimulate lips. Peppermint provides a cooling sensation.

TO USE: Apply a generous amount over the entire lip area. You may experience a slight tingle. Can be worn alone or over your favorite lip product. Apply as needed.

RETAIL PRICE: Around Php 400-500.

WEIGHT : 5.6 grams

SHADES : Available in 4 shades.
> # 15 Clear
> # 16 Sheer blush
> # 17 Sheer pink
> # 18 Sheer mocha

* has a spicy, tingling sensation that lasts for 20-30 minutes. Don't be afraid - its really tolerable! hehe
* inexpensive - costs half the price of Duwop's Lip venom.
* love brush type applicator (compared to foam types) - reminds me of MAC's Lustreglass
* minty scent - i usually choose mint flavored lipbalms, then the strawberry flavored ones =)
* i have fine lines on my lips, after 5 minutes of using this I noticed my lips looked a bit plump and the fine lines are not so noticeable anymore (see pic below).
* not sticky

* my lips felt plump, but there's no visible results.
* packaging not hygenic

Use a lipbrush (instead of the applicator) when you use this on top of lipstick - so that the lipstick color will not mix into the clear gloss..

I love spicy glosses and lipbalms!

3 out of 5.

Pics (click to enlarge)

Before using Sally Hansen (bare lips)

After 5 minute using Sally Hansen..

Without flash

With flash

See the fine lines aren't that visible anymore, and it has a slight plumping effect!
I'll definitely buy this instead of Duwop's Lip venom since its much cheaper, and it works the same for me. It contains a lot of product too! =)

Till next time,


AskMeWhats said...

wow the lines are diminished nga :) glad you liked it!

Anastacia said...

"my lips felt plump, but there's no visible results" I have the same product by Aveeno :P It's kind of funny but it really feels like you have a huge lips

vanilla said...

i have this in sheer pink and i LOVE it!!
i know the packaging sucks!i always have t clean the thing around the tube(dunno what to cal it)
every week!LOL

jo.frougal said...

I think it's visible enough, looking at the photos, there really is a huge difference. I bet it looks even better if seen from a full-face perspective, so we can see the actual look against other facial features. Good review, Khymm.