Review : Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation

PRODUCT INFO from Maybelline:
Is a breathable yet full coverage foundation that gives a healthy luminosity.
Clinically proven: No oil. No Fragrance. SPF 18++ PA.
Dermatologist tested. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Made in China.

Apply prior to sun exposure. Dot on forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Smooth with downward strokes until well blended.


WEIGHT : 18 ml

SHADES : Available in 4 shades.
> C02 Rose White
> N02 Shell Beige (matches my NC20-25 skintone)
> W02 Natural Buff
> W03 Apricot Sand (i have this shade in Angelfit, my mom gave this to me for makeup school, i think this fits NC30-35 skintones.

*image borrowed from Maybelline*

* Note: C stands for cool, N for Neutral and W for warm.

* inexpensive
* its mineral makeup with SPF
* no whitish cast on photos
* unscented
* feels lightweight yet covers minor flaws and evened out my skintone
* sheer to medium coverage depending on application (see tip below)
* does not cake
* gives a matte finish

* does not completely cover pimple scars etc.

For a medium coverage, after applying moisturiser (wait for 5 mins to absorb), dot on forehead, chin and cheeks. Then I use a foundation brush to distribute and blend the foundation. To avoid streaks, I blend the foundation again using my fingers.

For a sheerer coverage, use a damp sponge in applying.

Since Angelfit Liquid is already discontinued, will definitely repurchase this! But I love this more coz it has SPF and gives a matte finish compared to Angelfit (dewy).

4 / 5

Swatch (click photos to enlarge)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation in N02 Shell Beige

Weird, it looks shimmery here coz of the flash =P
But trust me, its NOT shimmery when applied.

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Camille Santos said...

yeah i heard angelfit has been discontinued ,i love this foundation!! its light and i feel my skin breathes when i have this on.nice review pretty mommy

NoodleLito's Nook said...

awww. mao na jud diay ni puli sa angelfit... nahala... kani napod ako paliton! yey... thanks sa review sis!

Elsa said...

this foundie is my current HG! so light almost feeling nothing on your face at all.

true that does not cover blemishes but i dab MAC concealer na lang to hide imperfections...

its cheaper pa!!!! love maybelline!

Ki said...

I don't think we get this in India... sounds good though :)

Anastacia said...

Sounds so nice! Now I want to try a mineral make-up too! The swatch looks very nice and I like a matte finishes too :D

maviclicious said...

oh my! I'll surely try this one. I've been wanting to try this for a long time, so happy that you did a review thanks...

JoiceyTwenty said...

haven't tried this one. and i seldom use liquid foundation. i mostly use powders. hehe. can you recommend this for oily skin?


Pammy said...

It seems really nice. The shimmer kinda scared me though. Might look shimmery if pics are taken with flash.

Golden said...

Hi dearie!

I read a couple of good reviews about this liquid foundie. It must be that good! I love how affordable it is. :)

Lots of love,

Yuvna said...

I've always had a bad experience with Mineral foundations as they make my already dry skin look patchy but this was nothing like the rest...I liked this one

Chrissy said...

Thanks for the review, I fully intend to purchase this for myself someday. :)

Kristie said...

Thanks for the review. I can never use Maybelline foundation since they break me out.

-AnGiEpInK- said...

Hey hun..Thank you for following and commenting my blog.. Follow you back..=).. Thanks for the review..

+ S T A R + said...

maybe if i get tired of using my foundies ill get this one. the problem with moa watson is that they are always OOS on some items. tsk.

Shen said...

this is such a breakthrough product! i love this.. gave me nice looking skin despite all my dark spots... especially when i combine with their concealer and mmmu foundation. :)

Jem said...

i have never tried any maybelline liquid foundations yet..

but i'll be sure to try's really affordable compare to revlon!

you think it would emphasize blemishes,sis?

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@thiamere - nope hindi naman sis.. pero sheer to med lang talaga coverage nya, di talaga totally ma-cover.

Anonymous said...

great review..
i was always wondering how this foundation is like..
now i want to give it a try.

Unknown said...

your reviews are very helpful! :) i'm choosing between gel foundation or the clear smooth minerals.. but now i know which to buy! thanks! :D

Hollie said...

I'm really glad, I stumbled on your blog. I thought I was alone. I rarely find cebuanas who really knows stuff about makeup. I recently became a makeup junkie (I hoped I wasn't LOL) and found it to be a really expensive hobby... Anyway, your review really did help me decide to try out this foundation. Thanks.