Review: Garnier Light Complete Multi-action Whitening cream

PRODUCT INFO from Garnier:
* Enriched with Pure Lemon Essence, know for its exfoliating properties, it helps remove dullness and visibly lightens acne marks.
* Enriched with derivative Salicylic Acid with anti-bacterial properties, its oil-trapping formula visibly reduces excess oil and shine for a 6 HR shine-free look.
Anti-dullness, Anti-dark spots, Anti-acne marks.

RETAIL PRICE: Php 110. Also available in 20 ml for Php 65 and sachets for Php 10.

NET WEIGHT : 40 ml

* does control shine
* affordable
* doubles as makeup base
* available in various sizes to fit your purse/bag
* has a citrusy scent
* you only need a little amount

* no SPF but it has UVA/UVB filters.
* texture is kinda thick
* I broke out! Tested it on my chin area only, after a few days i noticed tiny bumps and whiteheads huhu...

Test the product first before using it on your entire face to see if you're hiyang with it. My friend tested this moisturiser and she loved it! She even bought a tube for herself, she has super oily skin btw..

Will not repurchase. This is a good makeup base/moisturiser that controls shine, but too bad I'm allergic to it.

2 / 5

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Align CenterWhen blended. Notice how matte it looks? =)

My friend Shobe loves this product! She's using it as makeup base.
Click HERE to read her review.

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Sofia Gatchalian said...

I tried this as well, and it did control shine!

Too bad, I also broke out. ;( But I'm gonna give it another try. :)

Michelle said...

I would like to try this too. Maybe I should buy the one in sachet muna before purchasing a big tube. Thanks for the review. ♥

Camille Santos said...

waa it broke you out...pati si pammy din.buti nalang sakin hindi,pero di ko naman kasi siya araw araw gamit.minsan gamit ko din to sa gigs,hehe.thanks khymm for linking me XO!!!!!!

AskMeWhats said...

I own one and gave it to my bro! hahahha he's got really oily skin as compared to my dry skin :) Thanks for the review

Ki said...

Too bad it didn't work :(

Golden said...

Sayang, this did not work for you. I was even planning to try this pero parang wag na lang. Hehe. Like you, I also have sensitive skin.

Lots of love,

Anastacia said...

Thats to bad have an allregy on make-up/beauty stuff :(

+ S T A R + said...

khymm, i tried the garnier toner last year. i got an allergic reaction too. i had small itchy rashes on my chin and cheeks. sayang naman kasi they look promising pa naman.

Pammy said...

Yikes. It broke you out too. :( Yeah, Shobe really likes this product. :P

Ethel said...

I love Garnier's Light skincare line!! Haven't tried this one, though. Never really broke out, I love the moisturizer, especially because of the lemon-y scent!

Too bad you broke out...:-S

Elaine said...

Great review!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Unknown said...

if this is really oil controlling, then i must try it..:) thanks sis for a great review!

Rusty said...

i ultra love this product. super cheap pa hhehe. at super dami pa kung mag lagay ako. too bad nde sya hiyang sa other people =(

(have regular diamond peel - malaki mababawas non sa irritation sa mga creams pramis!!!)

Unknown said...

Ba't parang umitim ata yung skin after mo pagapply ng cream, maputi pa yung hand mo sa 1st pic pero ba't umitim sa 2nd pic..?

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ma.crestinagono - sa lighting kasi yan kaya maiitim tingnan sorry =)

Unknown said...

Sorry gurls but it hiyang to me. This cream is such a nice one compared to other product lalo na yung ponds. This one controls oil. After you apply the cream onto your face, the result is fine. Sa dami ng products I've been using before, dito lang ako napansin. Maraming nagtatanong kung anong gamit ko and of courseI would say Garnier... Luv it!

Unknown said...

Where part did you testing it ?
Maybe I buy sachet muna to know na hiyang ako..

Unknown said...

How many times ko tong gagamitin sa isangaraw ? If night or day po ba ?