Review : Marionnaud Brushes

After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to try some brushes for myself.
I bought the ff:

Marionnaud Angled Blush Brush Price: Php 169.00

> soft hair (sythethic)
> perfect for blush or bronzer application
> can also be used to contour or define the cheek bones
> i love the short handle
> no shedding/bleeding during the first wash

> nothing

Marrionnaud Retractable Brush Price: Php 249.00
> love the slim case - easily fits in my makeup bag
> packaging is not cheap looking
> good for loose powder application

> hair is scratchy compared to the other brushes =P

Marionnaud Concealer Brush Php 89.00
> has firm bristles/hair perfect for cream concealers
> curved shape is perfect for the undereye area and the sides of the nose
> no shedding/bleeding during the first wash

> none!

Try removing the concealer residue with makeup remover before washing the brush.

Marionnaud Pointed Eye Brush Price : Php 69.00
> perfect as crease brush or the outer-v
> soft hair
> i love the short handle
> can also be used to apply eyeshadow on the lower lashline
> some say this is similar to MAC's 219 Pencil brush
> no shedding/bleeding during the first wash

> nothing!

If you're looking for inexpensive brushes that works I definitely recommend this brand! I really love them except for the Retractable brush =P

Till next time,



Khymm! I really love the angled brush. Perfect for both liquid/cream bases and sheer blushes :)

Unknown said...

Ok din ba for powdered mineral concealer yung concealer brush?

I saw those Marionnaud brushes in Watsons :-)

Chevy Mae Duque said...

i've been looking for inexpensive brushes but i just didn't know where to buy! thanks for this post!

The Glamarazzi said...

Khymm!!! Been seeing this at Watsons lately. Ok, okay, I will try! :)

Pammy said...

I'm glad you like Marionnaud brushes too. :P The slanted blusher brush is awesome.

Maui (Suushh) said...

oooh! Ive seen these at Watsons! I tried the smaller brushes from the travel kit and they look real nice =)

Anastacia said...

The face brushes looks sooo great!

JoiceyTwenty said...

i was really surprised with these Marionnaud brushes.. akala ko they're just one of those cheap scratchy local brushes but damn i was wrong. i got the angled blusher and it was super soft, worked perfectly in contouring and blushing as well, and looked very professional too! :) i love, love, love it:)

Anonymous said...

Hi, are these brushes available only at Marionnaud MOA? Many thanks!

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ eight32 - bought mine at watsons =)

ur_prettyprincess said...

i want to try this too!!! kaso I'm in the province...dunno how to get one especially the blush brush! thanks for the review... very helpful sissy! :)

Madt said...

hi khymm, I have everything except for the concealer brush and same with yours, the least that I liked was the retractable brush. I am planning to purchase the concealer brush after your review.I like the long handle :) thanks!

Lone Syndrome said...

I think you missed out on one point miss khymm.

I used the marionnaud concealer brush for applying my skinfood dark circle salmon cream concealer. It did pick up the amount I want, but it absorbed most of it. When I was applying, it was a bit stiff. the strands were quite thick, like plastic. Okay so I just used my fingers to pat the concealer. When I washed it, the material of the hair, for some reason, was not cooperating. The brush (due to the consistency of the concealer) suddenly became greasy after washing. THE CONCEALER MARKS WEREN'T REMOVED, sad to say. SO I had to wash thoroughly again.

So I let the brush dry in a tissue paper. The next morning, I was surprised to see the tissue paper had this violet stain. SO YES, THIS BRUSH BLEEDS PURPLE DYE. It did not shed though.

Good thing it only cost me around 70 pesos.

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ Lone Syndrome - try removing the concealer residue first before washing the brush. Im using Maybelline Lip and Eye makeup remover, tried it and it works =) the concealer brush didn't bleed too..