Review : Celeteque Facial Wash with NMF

Celeteque Facial wash is your first step to clean, soft and healthy skin. It has mild cleansing agents and a special combination of moisturisers that gently yet effectively clean without drying your skin. Dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic.
* has Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) - the same NMF found in the skin that helps restore its proper moisture balance.
* gently removes dirt and impurities that block the skin pores.
* has moisturisers that help prevent skin dryness.
* soap-free and PH-balanced

DIRECTIONS: Apply Celeteque on wet skin. Massage in a gentle circular motion. Rinse thouroughly.

Php 120.00 at Watsons.

WEIGHT : 100 ml. Also available in 60 ml and 250 ml pump.

* gently cleanses without stripping my skin's natural moisture
* no tight feeling after cleansing and my skin felt moisturised
* unscented and good for sensitive skin
* no breakouts
* affordable
* consistency is just right and it really lathers well
* no greasy feeling after washing my face

For reference: I have Normal skin with slightly oily t-zone.

* does not remove waterproof mascara

Prior to washing my face, I remove my eye makeup first with Maybelline Lip and Eye Makeup Remover and then for the rest of my face I use unscented baby wipes. If I'm wearing heavy makeup I use St. Ives Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser (review to follow) first before washing my face with Celeteque.

My HG facial wash! Been using this for more than 3 years.

5 / 5

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Have you tried this product?
What's your HG Facial wash?

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AskMeWhats said...

thanks for this review :) I heard so many good reviews on this!

Anastacia said...

I used it and I like it!

oOchaOo said...

nice review! celeteque is really a nice brand for gentle face care :)

but my favorite facial wash as of the moment is neutrogena's energizing cleanser.

Pammy said...

In as much as I love the moisturizer, this one did nothing for me. :(

Sweethestia said...

Me and my partner is using this for a year now and we havent got any side effect. 2 thumbs up to!

Golden said...

I just purchased this a week ago but I haven't opened it kasi di pa ubos yung Neutrogena ko. I'm so excited to try this already. Thanks for the review Khymm!

Lots of love,

Life After A said...

thanks for the review. saw it posted din sa

noone said...

I've never heard this product here in canada before. very interesting!

Carrie said...

i've never tried this before. But it really seems like an amazing product! Right now, i use cetaphil. It very similar to this.

i am now your newest follower. follow me too?
and come check out my blog. thank you! :)

ivy said...

i use this one too! i used cetaphil before pero parang hindi namomoisturize ang skin ko so i switched. buti na lang i did!:)) my skin looks good everytime.:)

Lizz said...

I've never used Celeteque but I see it all the time in Watson's! I should tr it out since it's so affordable, haha. Thanks for the review! :D

Hollie said...

bought this already... so excited to try it out... I saw St. Ives Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser it was for P155 only but was hesitant to buy... I will be waiting for your review on it... thanks for being such an inspiration...Cheerios!

Unknown said...

I'm now also using this. It's cheap. :)