Review : Clinique Derma White Brightening Moisture Gel Cream

*Photo borrowed from Clinique*

Contains intensified Black-out Yeast complex combined with skin fortifying concentrate. It goes beyond brightening to strengthen skin's resistance to future darkening. It helps visible reduce dark spots and discolorations and brings new clarity to the skin.
Hydrating, refreshing, oil-free. For oily and combination skin.

RETAIL PRICE: Php 2,050.00

WEIGHT : 30 ml

* unscented
* gel-cream is easily absorbed
* moisturizes my face without the greasy/sticky feeling
* didn't break me out
* no peeling or stinging sensation
* feels refreshing
* my face didn't get shiny after an hour or so.
For reference, I have Normal skin with slightly oily t-zone.

* this is nice for summer but in the colder months, I need a heavy moisturiser like their Dramatically Different Moisturiser which I've tried before.
Note: I only use this during nighttime since it doesn't contain SPF.

* I didn't notice it lightened my discolorations - but the sample only lasted me for 2 weeks so I can't really tell.

This is a nice product but I find it expensive haha. Yes, I'm really kuripot (stingy) when it comes to skincare... My day and night moisturisers only costs less than Php 500 each LOL but I'm really hiyang with them.

3 / 5

not yet blended

When blended.
The gel cream is totally absorbed.

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Wonderful review! I am wanting to try this product, but now might go for a heavier formula for the winter.

Pammy said...

Nice review, Kim. :P My moisturizer costs only 129. Haha! I tried their derma white foundation 3 years ago and hello floating head on camera! :P

AskMeWhats said...

I love this! I have tried the sample size of this too! :)


I tried this before too and I didn't notice much changes to my dark circles so I stopped using it. But I like the clean look of it though. :-)

Unknown said...

When I saw this through colleague, I said it's just one of those beauty products that claim to be the best. Same old promises but never really get any results. But having tried the Purity 12 products, it gave me a different glow that I’m really happy about. I’m more positive that ever and I can’t help but share it with friends. Plus the fact that you can earn and enjoy the results makes these Purity 12 products so awesome!