Review : Maybelline Colorsensational Moisture Extreme Lipsticks

* stock photo from Maybelline*

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Bonbon Pink & Coral Pink

PRODUCT INFO from Maybelline:
Four irresistible lip color collections infused with hydra-nectar technology for creamy satin feel and pure undiluted pigments for superior crisp color.
* moisturisation : formula with hydra-nectar moisturises lips up to 8 hours.
* sensational color : richer for luscious & voluptuous color
* spf 15 for sun protection.

RETAIL PRICE: Php 299.00

WEIGHT : 4 grams

SHADES : Available in 20 shades.

* photo borrowed from Maybelline*

* inexpensive
* pigmented
* creamy and glides easily
* moisturising formula that doesn't dry out my lips
* colors are really pretty!
* no weird smell or taste

* i noticed the color fades easily when I eat or drink, but I don't mind re-applying =)


* Even though this is a moisturising lipstick, don't forget to apply lipbalm prior to application. Apply lip gloss after lipstick if desired.

I really love these lipsticks, its creamier than MAC lippies IMO! I'm planning to buy a lighter pink shade, already tested it at the counter but I forgot what shade it is =P

RATING : 4 / 5

More pics (click photo to enlarge)

Bonbon pink - a shimmery medium pink, it doesn't look too bright when applied. Instantly brightens my face!
Coral pink - a no-brainer liptick. You can wear this with a pink/peach blush.

Swatches (with flash)
Top: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Coral Pink
Bottom: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Bonbon Pink

without flash

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donnarence said...

i like the coral pink.. :D

ndoodles said...

I have one in Rosy Glow and I used it so much too! Great products.

Unknown said...

These looks very pretty!!! Like donnarence, I like coral pink too!

CHARRY said...

both of them are cute!

AskMeWhats said...

I love these lipsticks and also the Revlon ones, both came out with good choice of colors and moisturizing lipsticks :)

Pammy said...

I used to have Coral Pink and though it is a really pretty colour, it looks weird on me but my mom loves it. :P

Abby said...

The angel rose shade is pretty too. must try =)

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

wow! I like the coral pink shade too! :)

Stevista said...

Coral pink is really pretty! :)


herroyalbleakness said...

for daily lip color, i'd choose bonbon shade for you in a heartbeat! you'll definitely look so dainty and sweet in it :D

nisa said...

thank u for review!! i love maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in natural nude :)

coral pink is super cute pink color :)

*KiM* said...

I also love Maybelline lipsticks. Cheap but good quality and nice shades!

ladychris17 ♥ said...

I also have one in Pink Peach, I agree it's a good find, especially for it's price! :) I think I might want another but I still have no particular shade in mind. lol said...

I think I like Bonbon pink . Yey! thanks for the review. I'm looking for a lipstick that will "Instantly brightens my face!" .

khryz said...

one of the lipsticks i first owned came from maybelline.. i love their sahdes :)
i have one in cozy tangerine and im so loving it..
its in the cpral family but the shade is lovely... ^_^