Mini Haul: Wet n wild & Styli-style from Ebay

Got these from my favorite ebay seller/friend Laura.
Click HERE to visit her store.

Wet n wild mega eyes eyeshadow trio in Egyptian sands - Php 120
Wen n wild Ultimate brow kit in Dark brown - Php 130
Wet n wild Silk finish lipstick in Light berry frost - Php 50

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The eyeshadow trio shades are pigmented and the texture is non-chalky.
The shade that I got is perfect for the office & it goes well with any lipcolor IMO.

A closer look at the Ultimate Brow kit...
Complete with 1 clear wax, 2 brow colors, tweezers, brush and mirror.

Haven't used this yet coz I still have my In2it brow color.

Top: Silk finish lipstick in Light Berry - the shade is similar to my other MAC lipstick. Will post swatches soon.
Eyeshadow Trio in Egyptian Sands

Bottom: Ultimate brow kit (brow colors only)


Styli-style Liners

From left:
Flat liner 24, Liquid liner, Brow pencil, Lip liner 24

To test the staying power, I placed my hand under running water.

Rubbed 3x.

Rubbed 10x! haha

Brow Pencil in Taupe (Php 75) - I rarely it coz I prefer powder brow colors but this is easy to apply & the color didn't fade throughout the day. If you're a fan of pencil type brow colors I highly recommend this!

Lip liner 24 in Nude (Php 75) - creamy and glides easily. The shade is barely noticeable on my lips when used alone and it makes my lipstick & gloss last longer. I only use this on special occassions though coz I don't like the heavy feeling of wearing a lip liner. =P

Flat liner 24 in Blackest black (Php 85) - a waste of money! Its too dry and tugs my lids. Good thing I bought it cheap! This sells for Php 400+ at Beauty bar.

Liquid liner in Black (Php 100)- the marker tip pen is thin and its so easy to use! No racoon eyes during the day and its also easy to remove with makeup remover.

Till next time,


Pammy said...

Nice haul, Kim. The eyebrow kit seems really nice. I also have the same lip liner but I rarely use it because yeah, it feels heavy on the lips.

Isabeau Jane said...

sis i so agree with u on the flat liners! i bought 2 and its a pain to use them! theyre better off as colored pencils on paper! im intrigued sa liquid liner! oh tnx for introducing me to the revlon lipstains. first heard it from u. im loving my purchase ^^

The ViXeN's LaiR

Lizz said...

I think styli-style may be getting a bad rep because of the resellers! They sell them for cheap because they get them in bulk (probably because they're past due date), and all the styli-style liners I've gotten from resellers have been dried out and terrible. The ones from beauty bar, on the other hand, are fresh and really work. I do recommend Styli-Style liners (I have both pencil and retractable and they're excellent), but not from resellers... Liners have a shelf life, and they harden over time so you need to get ones that are still fresh.

Gessyl said...

I've been a costumer of Laura many times too. :) im liking the ultimate brow kit.

Jem said...

nice haul!
wet & wild is already available in Sm na & it's rather expensive. that trio that you got is sold at the dept store for 300+ i think...

well, to think that they are paying taxes & everything.. it's no surprise!
good thing that Ebay is always here! LOL

that brow pencil looks great!

isea said...

that brow kit looks really interesting. i love that it even has mini tweezers! hope you do a review and EOTD soon. :)

ps. still trying to figure out how to use the eyeshadows you gave me. they're all so sparkly. :)

Yen said...

Nice haul! Cant wait to try wet n wild din. :)

AskMeWhats said...

Oohh so intrigued with Styli Style! I heard they are really really good but since I found the Elianto Eyeliner, I didn't search much for now :)thanks for the review

ndoodles said...

I see StyliStyle all the time - next time I'll try the liner pen! Thanks for the review.

switch said...

I need to try out the Wet N wild Palettes!