Peachy-pink blushes for every budget (from $1 to $24)

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1. NARS Super Orgasm - Php 1,350 ($24 on NARS website)
2. NARS Orgasm $24
3. NARS Torrid $ 24
4. Wet n Wild Silk Finish in Pearlescent Pink - Php 150 ($2.99 on Amazon)
5. L'oreal Blush Delice in Front Page Peach ($8 on Buymebeauty)
6. MAC Springsheen - Php 1,200 ($18.50 on MAC website)
7. Covergirl Classic Blush in Rose Silk ($5.68 on Amazon)
8. ELF Blush in Glow - Php 120 ($1 on ELF website)
9. ELF Studio blush in Candid Coral - Php250 ($5 on ELF website)

Another shot
I love peachy-pink blushes coz they suit fair to medium skintones and you can pair them with pink, peach, coral or even red lipstick or gloss. I forgot to include my Maybelline Mineral Power blush in Simply Coral, but you can check my review HERE.

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Camille Santos said...

me too im into peachy pink does compliment my skin.hehe cute ng packaging,that nars with the pink heart,,candid coral looks lovely..belated happy v day hot stuff.(cue song *)

AskMeWhats said...

Sis, ako naman I know I look better on peachy colored blushes pero di ko matiis ang pinks! hahhaha

thanks for the swatches

faye lu said...

this is such a great article!!! the pigment/color on the $1 ELF blush is just as great as the more expensive MAC and nars blushes =)

Michelle said...

Oh wow. These can be dupes for each other and I love how cheap they are.

Risa said...

OMG! All the color are sooo pretty! Especially love the NARS blush in Torrid, what an intense pink!


Riya~ said...

I LOVE all the pink color blushes, I have to give a try on E.L.F. blushes one day!

Tifa Mai said...

Omg such pretty colours!! I love peachy, coral colours as well. :) It's also great for the upcoming Spring season!

MEOW said...

u have a great collection of peachy pinks!! i love this color on my cheeks as well :)

Anonymous said...

wow! they look pretty much the same. you have a nice peachy pink blushes collection :)

i have elf glow and elf peachykeen. you should try the peachykeen too, its perfect to add in your peach pink blush collection.

i also have chanel narcisse which i dont really use too much. im thinking of selling it, i just dont know where and how. haha!

have a pleasant day :)

Anonymous said...

I really want 8 and 9 now.
Thanks for the incredible swatches.

Hollie said...

I definitely love peachy pink blushes, it really looks good on my skin tone. I have the Elf Glow and I already emptied it. I'm currently using the Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder duo. I super love it because the blush has a peachy pink shade as well. I'll be checking out some of your blushes, they are all beautiful!

YB* said...

A fellow filipina beauty blogger YAY! I recently bought my first pink blush by REVLON.

Will be reviewing it soon!

Stevista said...

Such pretty colors, thanks for the swatches! ;) x

Love, Victoria said...

i'm loving how the wet n wild and loreal blushes look! i'll def have to give those a try!! xx

Mai said...

such an amazing peachy pink collection!

I love torrid! It's so lovely!

Barbie said...

They're all gorgeous. You'd never know there was such a huge price gap between them. :)

Marcy said...

Awesome blushes and I love how you should different ones for all typessub of budgets!!