Review: Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Cafe

Product Info from Revlon:
Glides on adding drama and definition to your eyes.
Waterproof formula won't smear, smudge, or fade up to 16 hours.

RETAIL PRICE: Php 475.00

WEIGHT: 0.28 grams

SHADES : Available in 8 shades.

* creamy texture
* glides easily without tugging my eyelids
* waterproof! (see pics below)
* has a built in sharpener at the end of the pencil (sorry I forgot to take pics)
* creates a thin to heavy line even without sharpening
* can easily be removed with eye makeup remover
* did not smudge on my upper lashline

* can't think of any

I rarely use my Maybelline gel eyeliner in Brown coz I am partial to black colored liners but after trying this dark brown shade, I am hooked! =)

RATING : 5/5

More pics (click to enlarge)Swatches

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Cafe

I'm impressed! =)

P.S. I meant RUBBED not SMUDGED haha!

Till next time,

Disclaimer : Product was sent as gift.
This is not a paid review and is solely based on my honest opinions.


Anonymous said...

hey dear, which black eyeliner can you recommend? I've been on the hunt for a really black eyeliner!

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ maricar - I love Maybelline's eyestudio eyeliner (pencil) in black and their black gel liner too! =)

btw, you're from cebu too? =)

AskMeWhats said...

Hi dear! great minds think alike! sabay pa talaga tayong nag review nito :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ Nikki - Apir! haha

Hollie said...

hahaha.. pareho kayong nag review ni nikki nito... I would like to try this but I still have more liners to Awesome review sis!

JuLiAnnE @ Bathroom Dancer said...

Sounds promising!

Michelle said...

Yeah, maricarljanah's from Cebu. LOL She did a guest appearance in my blog!

Anywhoo. Whew! The price is a bit stiff but I might still look into buying this. Especially since Revlon is a vegan brand.

Great photos!

Lourdes Rona said...

Thank for the review! I might get one for clients =)

Aya said...

I've yet to try brown eyeliners. This looks like a good one :D Thanks for the review!

Pammy said...

Kim, I want! Sana tumagal sya sa oily lids ko. :D

Natalie said...

Thank you for the review.. I tested it in store but I didn't buy any!! Maybe I should really go grab some now!

Anonymous said...

This product did not work that well for me on the waterline. I found that on the hand it swatches amazingly and it is defo waterproof but on the waterline is a totally different story. i actually did a post about it with photos before and after.
It wasn't that bad either but not amazing.
I'm still in the hunt for a good one.
I tried the super shock from Avon and it was totally rubbish for the waterline...also have before and after photos.
I's amazing it works for didn't for me :-(

Cynthia Z said...

I'm impressed too! Amazing staying power


ChinaDoll said...

I've been using this product for years and it's really amazing! The price is really worth it! :) But I use the Black one :)


JoiceyTwenty said...

haha ang cute! i thought the smudging wasn't going to end.. or i'll see a picture that says "smudged a gazillion times" hahaha

Tiffy said...

I'm really impressed too! :) I heard btw na instyle is also a good brand! 400php waterproof din. I forgot if tama ba spelling. I just heard about it from someone. But I've always been a big fan of revlon!!! So yay revlon!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your review.

its nice that it passed your water experiment test.

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