Review: L'oreal HIP Cream Shadow Paint

L'oreal HIP Cream Shadow Paint in Witty & Secretive

Product Info from L'oreal:
Crease-resistant shadow or as a wear extending, color enhancing base.
High intensity pigments provide long-wearing, intense color.
Specially designed brush provides professional and precise application.

RETAIL PRICE: Less than Php 150 on Ebay.

WEIGHT: 7.2 grams

SHADES: Available in more than 5 shades.

* creamy texture ; easy to spread
* pigmented; a tiny amount goes a long way
* hygenic squeeze tube packaging
* secretive is also a eye primer. I noticed minimal (tiny) creasing on the inner corners of my eyelids.
* evens out my lid color (secretive)
* dries to a powder finish
* doesn't look flakey when it dries
* makes my powder eyeshadow colors look more vibrant (see pics below)

* not available locally. I think this product is already discontinued.

* free brush is scratchy so I just use my fingers in applying.

* Apply a small amount on the eyelids using your fingers or a synthetic brush.
* Let it dry first before applying powder eyeshadow on top.

If you're looking for an inexpensive eye primer, I highly recommend SECRETIVE (for those with not so oily lids).
I want to purchase Steely (grayish-black shade), I think it is nice when used as base for grey or black eyeshadows for smokey eyes.


More pics (click to enlarge)
Eyeshadow with and without primer

Free brush is similar to MAC 242 according to THIS blogger.

Have you tried this product?

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Michelle said...

Oh wow! This is pretty inexpensive especially for a L'Oreal product!

makeupjunkie said...

i want! you always get the best deals! :D i tried searching at ebay, these go for 199-250 now

jamie said...

wow ang cheap lang. you cant find cheap eye primer around nuh!:P

Supergirl said...

I never tried it:) But the secretive souns very interesting - shadow and primer in one:)

AskMeWhats said...

they really stay! I love the Hip line, I wonder why our Local L'Oreal do not bring them down here!

Anonymous said...

i have tried elf cream shadow only. is it also a base? haha! i have no idea. but creams do crease on my lids cause my lids usually can secrete gazillion of gallons of oils in a day.

anyway, thanks for sharing this. the free brush is lovely!

Ke said...

very cool post, i like the darker color a lot :) and loreal products are pretty good quality. please check out my makeup blog too when u have a moment <3


galleryibu said...


i'm your new follower. i read some great reviews here. thanks.

Unknown said...

hi sis.this is gemma.long wearing ba ang shu uemura blush.i am looking for shu uemura glow on blush p pink 30.saan kaya ako mkakabili and how much ang price nito?thanks a lot!