Review: Sleek Curacao I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette from Carribean Collection

Inspired by dynamic colours reminiscent of the Carribean, Sleek MakeUp has launched a Limited Edition Carribean Collection that combines 2 key Sring/Summer 2011 trends: 1970's beauty and bold brights to catapult you into that holiday feeling.

I will be reviewing first the Curacao I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette.

Product Info from SLEEK MAKEUP:
Jet off into paradise with the Curacao I-Divine 12 pc. Eyeshadow palette, a mix of bold corals, ocean blue hues, and tangerine brights. Sleek MakeUp's high colour pigmentation helps recreate the stand-out orange eyes rocked by Hollywood hottie Scarlett Johanssen and Pop Queen Fergie this Spring. Bright eyes are back; wear vivid sweep of coral or lucid yellow as seen at the Derek Lam and Peter Som fashion shows in 2011.

RETAIL PRICE: $10.50 on Sleek website.

WEIGHT: 12 x 1.1 grams

* eyeshadow is mineral based, so lesser chance of allergies.
* palette is sleek and easy fits in your makeup bag.
* a mixture of 6 matte & 6 shimmery shades.
* really pigmented ; good color-pay off even without primer.
* minimal fall-outs due to its creamy, buttery texture.
* unscented
* amazing staying power; color did not fade throughout the day.
* darker shades can be used as eyeliner.
* minimal creasing on the inner corners of my eye (after 6 hours - not bad at all!)
Note: I have slightly oily lids.

* not available locally.
* some shades are chalky (blue lagoon & screwdriver)

* Due to its creamy powder formula, I've noticed that it's best when you use a natural hair eyeshadow brush for easier application and to minimize fall-outs, if you don't own one you can also use your fingertips or the applicator provided.
* If your eyelids are not that oily like mine you can get away without using an eye primer, but if you have oily lids I highly recommend using one.

Anyone who's a fan of bright colored eye makeup!

The shades are really vibrant and pretty, but they are to bright for my liking... I prefer the Sleek Oh So Special palette for everyday use (will post swatches soon). Don't worry this palette won't go to waste, we are planning a photoshoot this month and I'm definitely using this!

More pics (click to enlarge)

From left:
Pardon the color description =)

1. Tequila Sunrise (shimmer) - orange with gold
2. Martini (shimmer) - bright white

3. Blue Hawaiian (matte) - sky blue

4. Bloody Mary (matte) - orangey- red

5. Screwdriver (matte) - canary yellow

6. Green Iguana (shimmer) - leafy green

7. Apres Midori (shimmer) - emerald green

8. Blue Lagoon (matte) - maya blue?

9. Purple Haze (matte) - purple w/ blue

10. Green Martini (shimmer) - olive green with gold
11. Singapore Sling (shimmer) - fuchsia with blue tones
12. Espresso Martini (matte) - pure black

Till next time,

Disclaimer: Products were sent for PR purposes.
This is not a paid review and is solely based on my honest opinions.


Lil Ole Moi said...

Ahh Sleek! I'm sooo excited to get mine Khymmy!! I ordered the STORM and SUNSET Palette.. suya kaau ko! that you got this for free.. ;) post fotd khymmy!!!

Hollie said...

oh my kimmy, they're so pretty! I want one too! I'll just cross my fingers and hope to win a sleek

ur_prettyprincess said...

i do have 3 blushes and a lipstick from Sleek, all i can say is, it's so worth the penny for they're so pigmented! hope I'm a fan of eye shadows too so i can check this one! it's so pretty! ;)

Zane and Van said...

Hi Khymm! The colors of this palette look, well, divine! I think the Green Martini and Espresso Martini will make a very sexy green smokey eye number :) --- [Van]

The Beauty Junkee said...

love the colors! :D EOTD pls! :D

Sweethestia said...

I love the color. It is so bright. I wants this but wala nga dito diba?.... I will look for a similar shade like that,

. said...

Lucky girl

Susie said...

Such bright pretty colors :D

sugar sugar said...

sleek eyeshadows always have amazing pigmentation! all the colors look so fun and vibrant! :)

would love to see an EOTD! <3

Huynh said...

Nice review. The colors of this palette are gorgeous :]