Product Feature : Chanel Travel Makeup Palette (Voyage)

* Image borrowed from Rakuten *

A friend *wink* gave me this to last July.
My heart skipped a bit when I saw this... it's so pretty!

Chanel's Travel Makeup Palette contains:
* travel sized mascara (3 grams)
* velvet pouch
* lip brush
* eyeshadow brush
* blush brush
* an eyeshadow and blush palette (12 grams)
(1 blush, 4 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks, 2 lipgloss shades)

This makeup palette retails for $59.99 at

close up of the velvet pouch
The makeup applicators are tucked inside the front pockets.
Neat huh?!

The shades are really pretty and wearable.
I love that the eyeshadows are neutral colors and can take me from day to night.
The blush is a shimmery peachy-gold shade and I think this is more of a highlighter than a blush.

Size comparison
Travel makeup palette vs. Joues Contraste blush

No swatches for now coz I don't have the heart to use this yet! LOL

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Pammy said...

It's gorgeous! It'll be hard to use it because of how pretty it looks. :)

Unknown said...

That looks so pretty I would not want to use it either lol

Alice said...

Hi! all I can say about the palette is just....OMG! :)) great post by the way! :)

Much Love!

The Beauty Feelosophy said...

I love a nice chanel palette but find with all palettes that I Only use a couple of shades - do you do the same thing?

Love your blog by the way! :))

The Beauty Chemist

Unknown said...

It looks tempting

Sweethestia said...

Ang ganda ng mga shades. While wait for your FOTD with this.

The Beauty Junkee said...

My mom has that. Ako gumagamit hahah. :D

Cecilia - Ser Coqueta said...

It's beautiful!!! i want one too!!

Kaycee Enerva said...

I want one!