Spend vs. Save: MAC Eye brushes

As promised, here's the SAVE version of the MAC Eye Brushes I've mentioned on my previous post.

From Left:
MAC 227, 224, 217, 219, 275, 242, 213, 228

Sorry I didn't include the MAC 217 brush coz I cannot a similar brush in my kit, but check out MyMaria's post HERE... She mentioned that the Sigma E25 is a nice dupe for the MAC 217.

Spend: MAC 227 Large Fluff brush
Save: Ecotools large eye brush from 5 pc. Essential eye set

Spend: MAC 224 Tapered blending brush
Save: Ecotools Eye shading brush from the 5 pc. Essential eye set
Ecotools Blending eye brush from the 5 pc. Face Set

Spend: MAC 219 Pencil brush
Save: Marrionnaud Crease brush

Spend: MAC 275 Med Angled Shading brush 
Save: Ecotools Angled Crease brush from the 5 pc. Essential eye set
Sansan Angled brush

Spend: MAC 242 Shader brush
Save: Ecotools concealer brush from the 5 pc. Face Set

As you can see, ELF is bigger than the 242 and can only be used for cream or liquid products. The MAC 242 on the other hand can be used for powder eyeshadows (for packing color), concealer, paintpots etc.

Spend: MAC 213 Fluff brush
Save: ELF Essentials Eyeshadow brush 

ELF is a bit larger than 213, while the Loew Cornell 3/8 Mop brush is denser. 
Sorry I forgot to include my Sembem brushes, i think they are a close dupe to the MAC 213 brush. The Loew Cornell Mop brush on the other hand is closer to the MAC 239 which I don't have, but you can check my previous post HERE.

Spend: MAC 228 Mini Shader brush
Save: Ecotools Petite shading brush from the 5 pc. Essential Eye set

If you have questions about brushes, kindly post it in the comments section.
I'd be happy to answer them.

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Unknown said...

...hi! Thank you for posting these as I have always thought about getting MAC makeup brushes but they're suuuper expensive. Where did you get your Loew Cornell mop brush? I've been eyeing on these, too, since last year but I can't find them anywhere - except if I consider ordering them online. Thanks in advance for your response! :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@Px Gadilla - I got my Loew Cornell mop brush at www.digitaltraincase.com a few years ago.

Unknown said...

...aww. sayang, i don't think they still sell these. :( thank you for your reply! I'm a fan! :)