NARS Orgasm vs MAC Springsheen blush comparison

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As promised from my last post, here’s a comparison between the two. As you all know, Orgasm is one of the most popular blush from NARS. Fyi, this not a spend vs save version because as you can see MAC is also a high end brand, but you can save a few pesos. I’ll tell why in a bit =)

Both blushes are described as a peachy pink shade with gold shimmers.

NARS Orgasm blush (4.5 grams) - Php 1,800 at Rustans
MAC Sheertone blush (6 grams) - Php 1,625 at Rustans and MAC Stores

Swatches on NC20 skintone
Left: NARS Orgasm blush (swatched 4-5x)
Right: MAC Springsteen blush (swatched 2x)

NARS Orgasm and MAC Springsteen blushes looks pretty similar right?! 
Honestly, I really cannot tell which is which. 

So, if you’re gonna ask me which blush would I buy again?
I’d say MAC.  Why? Let me give you the reasons.

1. It is a bit cheaper than NARS.
2. MAC has 33% more product.
3. I don’t like the rubberized packaging of NARS, it gets dirty easily. 
4. Springsheen is more pigmented than Orgasm. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Stay safe Shopcoholics!

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