MAC 187, 188, 130 Duo Fiber Stippling brush review

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Here’s part 2 of my MAC brush review installment.

Ever since I can remember, MAC is the first company that launched the Duo Fiber Stippling brushes. I can still remember back then these were popularly known as Skunk brushes 😁 
These Duo Fiber brushes have two kinds of hair, the black one is animal hair, and the white one is made of synthetic hair. The stippling term refers to the application type on how you use the brushes to apply products to achieve an airbrushed effect.

MAC 187, 188 , and 130 Duo fiber brushes

I have the old version ones without the “S” letter after the brush name. 

Last 2018 MAC made a major change to their brush collection. 
Here’s a statement from MAC:

“Our long-lauded brush line gets treated to a makeover! Introducing our 100% synthetic brushes, incorporating the latest innovations in fiber technology for superior performance, and improved longevity.

An “S” on the handle following the brush number identifies each new and improved replacement. The collection brings back the 125, 161, and 139 Brushes, and also debuts two new Eye Brushes – 240S and 268S.”

So, these new brushes are cruelty-free, soft, and absorbs less product cream/liquid products compared to the old version. So far, I only have the MAC 128s Split Fiber cheek brush from their new synthetic line, the rest of the MAC brushes that I own are from the old version.

What I like about animal hair brushes is that it picks up powder products nicely, but gets scratchy after a while. I recommend deep cleaning it at least once a month with mild baby shampoo.

For quick cleaning, I recommend the MAC brush cleanser to avoid damaging the brush hairs.


MAC 187s Duo Fiber Stippling brush (Php 3,100)

MAC 188s Small duo fiber stippling brush (Php 2,750)

MAC 130s Short duo fiber stippling (Php 3,100)

The ones that I have were phased out already, but the new ones made of synthetic ones work as good as the older version, plus it is softer too! 😁

Rustans Ayala Cebu, SM Cebu Department Store, SM Seaside Cebu

MAC 187, 188, and 130 Duo fiber brushes

MAC 187 Duo Fiber brushA large full circular brush used for the lightweight application and blending of face powders or pigments that work especially well with Mineralize products. Use to create soft layers or add textures.
 I usually use this for liquid foundation and powder application. 

MAC 188 Small Duo Fiber brushA flat-topped, full circular brush used for the lightweight application and blending of any color formula – fluid, cream, powder or pigment. Works especially well with all Mineralize products. Ideal for creating soft layers or adding textures.
I use this for cream and powder blushes, bronzer, highlighter. If you have pigmented blushes, this brush is perfect for a sheer application of color.

MAC 130 Short Duo Fiber Brush - A short, round, flat-topped brush ideal for the smooth, easy application of foundations, creams, emulsions, and select powder products, especially all Mineralize products. Use in a swirling motion for a sheer application of the product. 
This brush is perfect for moisturizer, primer, BB creams, and liquid foundations. You can also use this for liquid highlighters or bronzers. 

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If I have to choose one out of the 3 brushes, I like the MAC 130 one 😁 
You can actually use it for everything, and it has minimal shedding compared to the other two brushes.

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