Elianto's Gel Eyeliner & Eyeliner brush Review

Description from Elianto's Website:
" Gellified texture for prominent, lasting and smooth finishing, water resistant eyeline. Paint above the eye lid with liner brush and blend evenly."

Comes in 2 colors : Black & Deep Brown.

Bought the BLACK one for quite a steal at Php 299 or about $6-7 dollars. I also bought their Rounded eyeliner brush for Php 179 or $4 dollars. It looks the same as Bobbi Brown's Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush.

I had these items for almost a year and its so amazing that the Eyeliner brush, with daily use and frequent washing, the hair is still intact and didn't shed that much. It looks pretty much the same since the day I bought it.

The gel eyeliner on the other hand, dried a bit but still easy to apply. Its still a bit creamy and glides like a breeze. It stays the whole day without fading and didn't smudge even if wet, unless you rub it of course! hehe

Rating : I give it 8 out of 10. Will definitely buy again.

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