Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine- Free Face Powder

Super Lightweight.
Lastingly Matte.
No shine, no stress
from AM to PM.

Its the serious shine control face powder with a super light smooth touch.

No caking, no heavy build-up.
The secret?
Micro-fine powder for extra oil absorbency.
Resists sweat & humidity. Long wearing, shine-free finish.

Image credit : lipstickaddict.blogspot

Product Info :
"Shine free finish - combined oil absorbing ingredients remove shine for a clean shine free finish."

"Silky Smooth texture - the extreme fine powder glides like silk and melts smoothly on skin. It covers flawlessly but looks perfectly natural."

Its Fragrance-free, Oil free, Non-comedogenic and it won't clog pores. With SPF 18."

When it first came out this year, I bought the LIGHT shade. To my disappointment, its not my shade. The color is pinkish and my face looked weird. And also, for a fragrance-free powder I find the scent a bit strong compared to their Clear Smooth 2-way powder foundation (I'll do a product review soon..)

Recently they added SPF 18 to the powder! Great! I decided to give it another shot coz I really like the coverage it gives. It evened out my skintone & covered tiny pimple marks without the heavy feel.

I bought the NATURAL shade. In the compact it looked kinda dark for my skintone or maybe its the lighting on the department store?! hehe =) But when applied it matches perfectly with my skintone.. At last! hehe . I wasn't bothered by the scent coz it disappears a few minutes after application.

Product Weight :
10 grams

Price :
199 pesos or $4

White, Light, Natural and Honey
Especially developed for Asian Skintones.

Addiction Factor :
Will definitely buy again.

Rating :
3 out 5.
I don't like the puff that comes with it, its not soft and it scratches my face. Make sure to replace it.


Liz said...

hello, Sis..

I didn't know you have a blog (I was gone for a while kasi).

Anyway, i'll add you to my blog roll, okay? :-)

As for Maybelline, I was using this brand before and it was quite good. :-)

pressioned said...

hi there!im just new here.i love ur blog because we have similarities.i also love make up and actually im using maybelline shine free powder and i really like it.

jennifertan said...

hi, i bought the maybelline clear smooth 2 way foundation refill. but i started to have pimples. there was a date written on the packaging (oct 2008) but doesn't say if it's manufacturing or expiry date. when I asked the sales lady, she said it is the manufacturing date. would you know if it's really the manufacturing date written at the back of the refill packaging? I've always used this product and it is just now that i started to have pimples. thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

Hi i love your blog... I am using Maybelline AngelfitFlawless Natural liquid and and the shine free powder and i love it....

Afterglow Cosmetics said...

The face powder gives a nice balanced and even look to the face and also becomes a great base and support for the make up.Thanks for the review.

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freezy_brain said...

I wanna know the name of the model. Help

freezy_brain said...

I wanna know the name of the model. Help