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Updated : 9/14/2010

Shampoo & Conditioner: I alternate between L'oreal Damage Repair Shampoo & Conditioner and Sunsilk Shampoo (green) and Creamsilk conditioner.

Styling products: Creamsilk leave on

Shower Gel: n/a

Body moisturizer: Nivea whitening lotion, St. Ives Hydrating lotion with Vit. E

Deodorant: Arm and Hammer Unscented deo

Fake Tan: not a fan! hehe

Cleanser: St. Ives Makeup remover & cleanser, Purederm Cleansing tissues

Eye makeup remover: Maybelline Lip and Eye makeup remover

Exfoliator: St. Ives whitening apricot scrub

Primer: Revlon Smoothing Primer and The Face Shop Span Primer

Revlon Photoready, Revlon Colorstay, MAC Studio Fix, Prestige, Maybelline Mineral Foundation (liquid)

Foundation brush: I use different brands

Concealer: Ben Nye, Skinfood, MAC, The Balm, Maybelline

Powder: Clinique, ELF, Avon

Blusher: MAC, NARS, L'oreal

Bronzer: E.L.F., Lumene Terracotta

Highlighter: The Body shop, MAC

Eyeshadow base: Urban Decay Primer Potion. I sometimes use liquid concealer and it works!

Eyeshadows: MAC, Lancome, Milani etc.

Eyeliner: Maybelline pencil & gel liners, Laura Mercier, Urban Decay

Eyelash curler: Shu Uemura

Eyelash base: none

Mascara: Loyal to Maybelline volume express

Lipstick: MAC, NYX round lipsticks, Maybelline, Revlon Colorburst etc.

Lipgloss: MAC lipglass, NYX goddess of the night lipgloss, Lancome Juicy tubes

Nail Color: no brand in particular.

I'm tagging Jheng, Jamie.. and anyone who wants to answer this...

Prestige TouchTone Cream to Powder Makeup Review

**Image credit : E-bay**

According to Prestige's website:

Full coverage, yet light in weight
Hides skins flaws and even out imperfect skintones
Oil free and oil- absorbent. Never ashy.

Cream to powder application tips:
*Apply with a dry or damp sponge (a damp sponge produces a lighter finish). Use very little at a time in a patting motion, stating under eyes and the center of the face going outwards.

Pat on a bit more to cover blemishes or imperfections.

Available in 12 shades.

Weight: 0.35 oz or 10 grams

I'm looking for a cream foundation that feels light on the skin and oil- free. My model friend recommended The Face Shop's Dewy Flower Skin Cover. When I tested the product at the back of my hand, its a bit cakey and the lightest one is too dark on my skintone (#23 natural beige). Maybe blame it on the shop's lighting or the tester is a bit old?!?
Anyways, sayang coz I love its chic packaging paman!

My search is over, when I went to Beauty Bar I ended up buying their Cream to Powder Makeup! When I tested the product on my hand, its really creamy and dries quickly (to powder). It has a light scent (almost unscented) which I love! I got the SAND shade and it matches perfectly with my NC20-25 skintone.

it looks invisible on my face when blended! Perfect match!

When I apply this, there's no need to put concealer on my dark undereye circles coz this already covered 'em up.. To think I used a damp sponge during application.. =)


I heart Nivea..

Proud to be a Nivea girl! I love their products especially their lotions & moisturisers!
Some products that I'm using now:

Nivea Sensitive Balance cleansing milk - a makeup remover that's gentle. Especially formulated for sensitive skin. My fellow Girltalker Jheng, also love this one. Read her complete product review here.

Nivea Body Whitening milk repair lotion - has UVA/UVB filters, White bioactive & Vitamin E. I use this everyday, this prevents my arms from darkening when exposed to the sun while am driving every morning.

Nivea Body Intensive Milk lotion - formulated for dry skin. It has Vitamin A derived from Avocado oil. I use this every night after bath (before going to bed.)

Nivea Body & Soul Skin Oil - a fast absorbing oil with Calendula, Tangerine & Lavender fragrance. Very relaxing scent and really moisturising!

Nivea Anti-wrinkle eye cream with Q10 plus - promises to reduce undereye wrinkles. Been using this for a while but I haven't noticed results yet.. But I read Mylene Dizon is a fan of this.

Nivea Face Sunblock whitening cream SPF 50 - with Licorice Extract to whiten skin. I love it coz its fast absorbing, but my face feels itchy after i use this. I really have to find my HG sunblock =(

Nivea Visage Multiple white spot corrector serum - with Multiple white & Vit C to lighten skin pigmentation. I use this before applying Nivea Night cream.

Now for my HG moisturisers

Nivea Visage Multiple Whitening night cream - a rich cream that really moisturises my face & neck.

Nivea Visage Multiple Whitening fluid with SPF 15 - with oil absorbing particles. I use this every morning before applying makeup. I love this coz its really light on the skin and really mild.

NIVEA products that I used before:
> Lipbalm in Cherry - yummy! I just love its flavor!
> Visage Whitening Eye cream - a waste of money! Didn't lighten my undereye circles.
> Whitening Spot Treatment Cream - I thought its a face cream! wahaha.. I used it on my face before as night cream.. Luckily, i didn't have break out..
> Visage Multiple Whitening Toner - an alcohol free toner. I forgot why I stopped using it.
> Visage Whitening Facial foam - i just love how it cleanses my face but I had breakouts.
> UVA/UVB Lotion - i forgot the exact name.

Products I want to try soon..
> So Soft Cream (for face)
> Extra Whitening Milk repair lotion

How about you? What products do you like from Nivea? =)


NYX Lipstick & Lipgloss

My first NYX Cosmetics purchase, saw them being sold at a local department store here in Cebu. Been wanting to try their round lipsticks coz I read a tons of good reviews.. Their lipsticks are very creamy, long lasting & pigmented while the lipgloss is sticky and pigmented.. and smells like cherry candies.. hehe

Here's what I got:

Goddess of the night lipgloss in Beige & Lollipop
Round lipsticks in Peach, Louisiana & Twist

Color Swatch on NC20-25 skin (from Left to Right)

NYX Round Lipstick in Twist - a shimmery coral with a hint of bronze
NYX Round Lipstick in Peach - shimmery rose/berry
NYX Round Lipstick in Lousiana - fucshia pink without shimmer

NYX Goddess of the night lipgloss in Beige - baby pink without shimmer
NYX Goddess of the night lipgloss in Lollipop - peachy with shimmers

I soo love them! The price is affordable too! I only spent less than 200 bucks each! I want to try other colors!!!

Too view NYX's Website, click here.


Another BB Cream review...

I saw a pic from the net regarding the effects of BB Cream, that it will help improve the skin's texture & fade acne scars after prolonged use. It also evens out skintone like foundation but without looking heavy or cakey. Click here for my reviews..

*image from google*

Impressed & intrigued, I decided to try it for myself...

I had my share of breakouts too! January last year, I took pics of myself before using Skinfood BB Cream. I had dark pimple marks, breakouts on my chin & cheek area..

Taken January 15, 2008
Eww, Scary isn't it?!

I bought the Skinfood Gingko BB Cream and immediately used it the following day and saw improvement in a month's time. Click here to read my full review.

Here's my pic taken in February 10, 2008
Notice the date? Its even less than a month =)

Saw the improvement?
My acne scars lightened a bit and my skin texture has improved!

After a month & 7 days from first pic. Taken Feb. 22, 2008
Did you see the difference?

Now I'm still using my Skinfood Gingko Green BB Cream, alternating it with my Skinfood Mushroom BB SPF 20 depending on my activity during the day.

Between the two BB creams I really love the Mushroom coz it has 3 in 1 benefits which is anti-aging, sunblock (spf 20) and whitening (arbutin). The texture is a bit runny compared to the Gingko variant and I super love its smell (think: fresh cut grass)! I love grassy scents!

UPDATE : Here's my pic after year..
Taken February 5, 2009

In the pic I only used Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream & set with Skinfood Buckwheat Loose powder.
Now, my acne scars are barely visible when Im using BB Cream. I can't hardly tell that a year ago, i broke out really bad.. =)


Sorry girls, been very busy lately because of my baby Jillian Keyshia.
Here's her pic btw..

How fast time flies! She's already 4 mos old..