LA Colors Metallic Eyeshadow Palettes

I love these babies! Got them from MakeupMasala for only $2 each!

Product Info: taken from LA Colors website

"Enhance your eyes with these NEW Bright and Bold Shades! Magnificent metallic eyeshadow in 6 INTENSE Sets! Silky smooth application, Long lasting wear, and dual-tip applicator included. "

Without Flash (click to enlarge)

From Left to Right:

Tea Time - Fabulous
Wildflowers - Serenade
Soiree - Enchanted

My fave palettes are Tea Time, Fabulous & Serenade =)

With Flash (click to enlarge)

* i love anything shimmery
* pigmented
* lasts the whole day on me without eye primer (i don't have super oily lids)
* cheap only $2 each (got it online)
* vibrant colors
* no makeup-y smell
* compact is slim

* kinda chalky
* not locally available (but I saw their regular eyeshadow palettes being sold for php 99)

* i don't use their dual tip applicator, I prefer to use brushes.


Sorry no swatches yet, I'll try to post soon. =)


Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette are MAC Dupes

Hi ladies! Just want to share a post that I found. You might find this interesting..
Credits to Ms. Jennifer Do.. Click here to go to her website.

Here's a pic of my CS Palette under natural lighting so you can get an idea what the colors really look like since Ms. Do's photo is kinda yellowish.

With FLASH*sorry its just an old photo from my post before*

Without FLASH under natural lighting

Here's the MAC Eyeshadow Dupes (according to Ms. Do)

* pic taken from Ms. Do's website*

My most used colors from my Neutral palette are :

Vanilla - I use it as an eyeshadow base (my first CS e/s to hit pan)
- a shimmery beige
White frost - as highlighter
- a matte beigey-pink
Expensive pink
- perfect when paired with JEST.

I really don't know if the Coastal scents 28 Neutral palette really dupes MAC's eyeshadows since I don't own one hehe.. Let me know that you think ladies.. =)


By the way, hope you like my New Banner! Thanks to Jose Makalolot for being so helpful..

Hope you also noticed my blog is now 3 columns!
I found this online tutorial that's so easy to follow. Thanks to 3 column blogger!


Lipbalm Reviews..

Here's a quick review of the lipbalms I'm using now.
Why so many?!? Coz I use them depending on my mood & the condition of my lips..

Chapstick Spearmint Lipbalm Spf 4
"Helps prevent and temporarily protects chafed, chapped or cracked lips.
Helps prevent and protects from the drying effects of wind and cold weather.
Helps prevent sunburn."
Rating : 3 / 5
Been using this since high school! Its cheap and it works for me but you have to re-apply often. I always remember their slogan, "Too old for lollipops? Too young for lipstick? Got to be Chapstick! " =P

Burts Bees Beeswax Lipbalm
Soothing. Cooling. Refreshing.
"This natural lip balm moisturizes lips with ingredients like ultra-emollient lanolin, coconut oil and sunflower oil, and seals in hydration with beeswax." Click here for more details.
Rating : 2 / 5
I love the minty tingle! But the effect is only temporary. Not that moisturising.

Smith's Minted Rose Lipbalm
"Our minted lipbalm will impart moisture, gloss and freshness to your lips. A formula of G.F. Smith with the zing of peppermint and the soothing properties of rose oils."
Rating : 4 / 5
I alternately use this with my Rosebud Salve every night. I love the scent and minty tingle it gives. Very moisturising! How I wish they would come up with a stick applicator. The packaging is not hygenic, but the pot REALLY holds a lot of product! Will last me 3 years to finish this up!

Smith's Rosebud Salve
"Contains cotton seed oil, aromol, with essential oils blended in a special petrolatum base. This is the Original and Only Rosebud salve. Can be used as an all purpose skin preparation. Aids in the relief of chapped skin, diaper rash, blemishes, detergent burns and rough cuticles, and it softens rough hands."
Rating : 4 / 5
A multi-purpose product.. a must have! Also heals chapped lips..

Carmex Lipbalm in Strawberry, Mint, and Original
Rating : 5 / 5
I'm using all three variants! Click here for a detailed review. My HG!

Blistex Lip Infusion Moisture Splash Liquid Lipbalm SPF 15
"Lip Infusion bathes your lips in moisture for a luscious lip feel you will notice immediately. The unique liquid formula absorbs quickly to instantly give you soft smooth lips with no waxy feel. Plus, Moisture Splash is infused with a deep penetrating moisturizer to help your lips look and feel great. " Click here for more details."
Rating : 3 / 5
I love the rolling applicator! Its instantly moisturises chapped lips and it feels like a gloss too! What I don't like is that it tastes like plastic..

Hawaian Tropic Herbal Aloe Sunscreen Lipbalm Spf 45 (Vanila-Mint)
"Moisturising and Waterproof. Apply to lips, nose and ears before sun exposure."
Rating : 2/5
I use this whenever I go to the beach because of its high SPF. What I don't like is that its not moisturising..

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry
"Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked skin and lips. Helps protect from the drying effects of wind and cold weather."
Rating : 4/5
Instantly soothes dry lips. I love the Cherry flavor! Its consistency is similar to Petroleum jelly.


NYX Swatches.. Lipstick, Gloss and Blush

Click here for the concealer swatches.

NYX Round Lipstick

1. Femme - orangey coral
2. Twist - shimmery coral w/ a hint of bronze
3. Louisiana - fucshia pink w/out shimmer
4. Tea Rose - light pinky nude
5. Peach - shimmery medium rose/berry
6. Gardenia - shimmery rosey red

My faves : Louisiana, Tea Rose and Gardenia

NYX Blush in Desert Rose - matte medium rose

NYX Megashine Lipgloss in :

- baby pink without shimmer
Plush Red - bluish red
Lollipop - peach with shimmers
Sunrise - pinkish red with a bit of coral

My faves : Beige and Sunrise

**Click to enlarge**

Correction :
Instead of
Twist I wrote Peony.. Sorry for the mistake ladies!


I really love NYX products! The Blush is super pigmented, I only need to tap my kabuki brush. Their Megashine gloss is non-sticky, pigmented and lasts for 4 hours while their lipstick is comparable to the high end ones.
So glad I bought these products for less than 200 bucks each!

My Beauty Tips & Tricks..


> If you don't have an eye primer, liquid concealer set with loose powder works great to even out your lids and make your eye makeup last longer.

> To make concealer last, use eye cream first preferably gel based ones and let it sink for about 5 minutes. Blot excess with tissue, apply concealer with a brush then gently pat using your fingertips. Set with loose powder.

> I only use Johnson's light non-greasy baby oil to remove stubborn waterproof mascara.

> For gel eyeliners, you can add a drop of non-greasy oil to prevent drying. Really works!

> For a natural dewy effect, you can use petroleum jelly on the eyelids. Be careful though coz it causes eyeshadow to crease.

> Castor oil applied every night with a spoolie really thickens the lashes.

> Do not underestimate the power of a white eyeliner/shadow. It brightens up the face and eyes.

> For a falsies effect, use 2 kinds of mascara. Apply the volumising mascara first, let it dry and next the lenghtening mascara. I use Maybelline's Volume express and Avon's Daring Curves.

> Put eyecream and moisturiser on the fridge for a cooling effect.

For cream foundation, to make the formula sheerer apply it using a damp sponge. I prefer to use sponge wedges (available in Beauty bar for Php 150 for 30 wedges), since its hygenic and easy to use on hard to reach areas on the sides of the nose and the eye area.

> Don't forget to moisturise before applying foundation, let it sink for 5 mins.

> For a quick way to remove my makeup, I use unscented baby wipes, but I NEVER EVER go to sleep without washing, toning and cleansing my face.

> To make blush last longer, layer cream/liquid blush with powder blush.
Apply foundation first, then liquid/cream blush, set with loose powder then apply powder blush.

> A medium matte shade of powder can be used as contour powder for a cheaper alternative.
Try E.L.F.'s Clarifying powder in Tone 3 or 4.

> Use a fan brush to remove falling eyeshadow pigments. You can also use it for pigmented blushes for a sheerer effect.

> The Body Shop's shimmerwaves is a great multi-purpose product. You can use it as highlighter, eyeshadow and blush. For a cheaper alternative, try Sansan's Brick blush for only php 120.

> ALWAYS apply lipbalm before lipstick to prevent drying and chapped lips and don't forget to apply before bedtime.

> For lipstick to last longer, blot lips with tissue to remove moisture, apply lipstick, dust with a little loose powder, blot again and reapply lipstick.

> To exfoliate lips, I use a soft damp cloth every morning. A soft toothbrush works fine too!

> I apply Smith's Rosebud Salve everynight before I go to sleep. Works also on rough cuticles.


P.S. Thiamere this post is for you.. =)


Mini Haul

At last, got my 3rd package from MakeupMasala! Was afraid it got lost.. Bought some random stuff too at White Gold store here in Cebu.

Ecotools 6 mini bamboo brushes
Life and Companion Angled Eyeliner brush
Life and Companion Crease brush
Unbranded Fan brush from China

Will post reviews soon on the Ecotools brush since I haven't washed and used it yet. On the other hand, I got the Life and Companion brushes for less than php 80 each. I read so many good reviews about this brand from Girltalk.

Life and Companion Angled Eyeliner Brush
I like this compared to my Fanny Serrano angled liner brush (php 150) and Elianto rounded liner brush (php 180). The bristles are perfect! Not too stiff, not so soft! Delivers a thin line and very easy to use since the head is wide..

Life and Companion Crease Brush
Doesn't shed.. Soft for a cheap brush.. Use it for dark colors since it hardly picks up eyeshadow pigments.

Unbranded Fan Brush from China
Love it! Its soft and shed's only a single hair upon washing.

NYX round lipsticks in Gardenia and Tea Rose
NYX Megashine Gloss in Plush Red and Sunrise
L.A. Colors Metallic Eyeshadow in Serenade

Got the round lipsticks from White Gold and the rest from Makeupmasala. NYX swatches to follow on my next post.

Bye for now since I got a terrible headache.. See ya soon ladies!