Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette are MAC Dupes

Hi ladies! Just want to share a post that I found. You might find this interesting..
Credits to Ms. Jennifer Do.. Click here to go to her website.

Here's a pic of my CS Palette under natural lighting so you can get an idea what the colors really look like since Ms. Do's photo is kinda yellowish.

With FLASH*sorry its just an old photo from my post before*

Without FLASH under natural lighting

Here's the MAC Eyeshadow Dupes (according to Ms. Do)

* pic taken from Ms. Do's website*

My most used colors from my Neutral palette are :

Vanilla - I use it as an eyeshadow base (my first CS e/s to hit pan)
- a shimmery beige
White frost - as highlighter
- a matte beigey-pink
Expensive pink
- perfect when paired with JEST.

I really don't know if the Coastal scents 28 Neutral palette really dupes MAC's eyeshadows since I don't own one hehe.. Let me know that you think ladies.. =)


By the way, hope you like my New Banner! Thanks to Jose Makalolot for being so helpful..

Hope you also noticed my blog is now 3 columns!
I found this online tutorial that's so easy to follow. Thanks to 3 column blogger!


Jem said...

how cool!
thanks for sharing this great info

isipin mu yun!
mac dupes..hehe

AskMeWhats said...

wow love the 3 column layout and love the dupes detail :) I don't own the neutral palette too so i can't tell :)

Chrissy said...

Hi sis! Love the new layout. :) Thanks for sharing the info. I wish I could compare but I don't own any MAC! Lol.

Crystal said...

omg this is so informative. i don't have MAC shadows so i can't tell. too bad they don't have ricepaper eh?

Miss D said...

the new layout is COOLL!!!

Ida said...

hi khymm! i like the new 3 column layout, looks organized :) i won neither mac e/s nor the cs palette but now really want the cs neutral palette! :)

Cristina said...

Thanks for this...some blog usually identify dupes of some of the colors :D Love your new layout & header too!

vanilla said...

yes those are round lipgloss,i love them !love the natural
oww now u have 3 columns,love it.:)

jdomakeup said...

I was wondering if you can change my name since it it mispelled. My name is spelled "Jennifer". I am thinking of making a better version of the MAC dupes in the future. I can let you know when I do this in the near future if you would like.

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@jennifer - that would be great! so sorry for the mistake.. ill correct it.

jdomakeup said...

i made a more updated version. check out this video!