Happy day!

At last, got my Bare Naturals brush set today. Been waiting for this baby for almost 2 months, since the pouches got delayed.. I'm so glad they're here already!

Here's my babies

Ms. Lami included freebies such as 4 eyeshadow samples, a BB cream sample (can't wait to try this since the only brand I tried is Skinfood), and a Velveteen Bar (Emu oil perfecting soap) sample.


What's inside the pouch

Bare Naturals Deluxe Brush set
Php 998.00

Been purchasing a lot of brushes lately, will post my brush collection soon.


And also, I'm excited to try this new product:

Magic Hair Removal Wand

Reviews coming soon.. Bye for now!


Pammy said...

They look like MAC brush sets. :P

Liza! said...

Oh yay! Makeup haul. :-) <3 <3 <3

Gem said...

You're lucky to receive alot of freebies! I got the ecobrush set and received their primer as a freebie :)