Happy Friday everyone!
Just want to share my recent purchase. I ordered an Eyeshadow Primer with Eyeliner brush from All Natural Face.

**pic borrowed from Donnarence**

Thanks to Donnarence of MyLucidIntervals for posting!

I'm so lucky I got the last piece! So excited to try this Eye primer since its my first time to use one.
I only use a Concealer topped with Skinfood buckwheat loose powder, then Ellana's Eyeshadow in Hush (as base) to even out my eye area prior to applying eyeshadow.
I can say it worked coz my eyeshadow didn't crease the whole day (or maybe my lids aren't that oily?!)
My only concern is that I want my eyeshadow colors to look vibrant. After seeing Donnarence's before and after pics of her eyeshadow with and without primer, I'm convinced to try this one.

It only costs $4 for the Eye primer and brush and only $1.25 for shipping! Quite a steal huh?! Hopefully the seller will also include freebies.. *wink, wink*

Check out her Vegan Mineral Makeup and Brushes

Sigh... I still have to wait for another 2 months to receive my order!

I also ordered NYX glosses and lippies from Ms. Cuppycakes last August, hopefully it will arrive 2nd week of October. Martha and Shobe , I know you guys are excited na rin ! hehe


Jem said...

i tried this primer too
i was sent a sample din although i haven't used it after i reviewed it.

its been sitting on my drawer na lang for a couple of months na

AskMeWhats said...

aww I hate the waiting time for international orders ! Happy friday!

donnarence said...

nice talaga siya khymm.. last pc?? waaah.. and super mura... i love it.. nung nakita ko yung post ni thiamere with udpp and this primer compared this look better!! nakakaexcite.. btw,, kulang yung nyx ko from mscuppycakes and she have not replied.. SIGH

lelila said...

2 months before you get your order? waah, di ko kaya yun! one month lang super inip na ako, kaya i stopped buying from ebay.US na eh

lelila said...

2 months??? for real? ako 1 month lang super inip na haha

xxNikkiDooxx said...

Hey sis. We ordered from mscuppycakes rin, di umabot 1 month nnjan na. We were expecting 45 days, pro it came in fast. ;)

Miss D said...

i am excited for the NYX products.. can't wait... hehehehe