Concealer Shade Guide


Let's take a look at the color wheel

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For example :
Since green is opposite red, so a green concealer cancels out pimples /redness.
Purpluish undereye circles can be cancelled out by a yellowish concealer.
For Bluish undereye circles use an orange/ salmon concealer.
Lavender / Lilac corrects/brightens sallow ( yellow) skin

Other Color Correctors
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  • Apricot / Peach - Brightens cooler skin tones
  • Rose - Lifts sallow complexions and gives a glow
  • Blue - Takes down orangey skin tones, also corrects bad self-tan applications!
  • Bronze - Brightens and lifts nearly all skin tones. Gives a healthy sun-kissed look
  • Gold - Accentuates golden skin tones and suntans
  • Silver - Brightens cooler skins. Usually only done in the evening!
  • Yellow - Brightens warmer skin tones, downplay bluish discolorations.


BIANCA: said...

this is very interesting! thanks!

Chrissy said...

Thanks for the informative post! I should have realized this, that it's just a simple color wheel.

Aira said...

ano po ba talaga yung dapat ginagamit sa eye circles? yellow concealer or parang color ng foundation?

Lisa said...

This is certainly helpful.

aestheticallysavvy said...

is sallow what you call "maputla"?

The Beauty Junkee said...

interesting! :)