Review : Patrick Rosas G-lish Blush

Been wanting to try G-lish products since its not available here in Cebu.. When I won Gem's Giveaway, I got really excited coz two of the prizes are from G-lish, a blush and eyeshadow palette. Am I disappointed with the blush? Read on to find out..

*G-lish blush in Sweet Pink*

PRODUCT INFO from G-lish:
Versatility is what it offers! Color with the medium shade, highlight with the lighter, and contour with the dark. Each compact comes with three hues that are pressed side by side, from the lightest shade to the darkest. There's a color for every skin tone and taste since it comes in three fantastic shades of sweet pink, coral peach, and sexy bronze.

PRICE: Php 350

NET WEIGHT : 0.28 0z or 7.8 grams

SHADES: Available in 3 shades.
PRG-B-001 - Sweet Pink
PRG-B-002 - Coral Peach
PRG-B-003 - Sexy Bronze

* very cute packaging.. reminds me of Pop Beauty blush!
* not expensive
* no weird makeup smell
* 3 colors in 1.. no need for separate contour color or highlighter
* average staying power ( about 3- 4 hours )

* kinda chalky
* its not available in Cebu! But good thing they accept online orders!
Just go to their website at

This blush is versatile! You can also use it as an eyeshadow!

Want to try their other products.

4 out of 5

very pretty noh?!

What G-lish products have you tried? Let me know..


Camille Santos said...

very cute nga!!pero diba sabi nila parang branded baxi lang siya?pero ang cute ko buy nung parang pop yung packaging hehe

kikayfetz said...

Hi Khymm! I've been a lurker of your blog for the longest time now but this is the first time I have left a comment on one of your posts so yay me! Hehehehe anyway, I have the Patrick Rosas eyeshadow trio in PRG-E-001 (the one for smoky eyes)and I love it! especially the matte black shade, which I also use as an eyeliner. I got mine for 100 pesos because it was on sale, plus I got a free smoky eye lesson from the SA. Hehehe now that's what I call great value for my money!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard about this brand before! The blush is really pretty, I don't know if I'd actually use the colours separately but swirled together. They probably work as e/s too, don't you think? =)

Unknown said...

Ive never heard of this products but i want it lol. its soo pretty!!! i love the colors.

by the way, thanks for stopping by and commenting.