Review : SkinFood Buckwheat loose powder

This powder deserves a product review..
Love it so much that I'm on my 2nd tub right now!

This loose powder with its soft, fine particles offers a bloomingly radiant, flawless finish.
Buckwheat oil creates incredibly transparent, shine-free skin tone, with silky-smooth texture.

After foundation, dap gently in following order: forehead→eyelids→cheeks→lips.
Press remaining residue gently under eyes.
PRICE: Around Php 800.

WEIGHT : 23 grams
SHADES: Available in 3 shades.
#10 - Transparent
# 21 - Skin Beige
#23 - Natural Beige
# 40 - Lavender

* nice coverage, feels lightweight
* good oil control (about 4-5 hours when worn alone)
* packaging holds a lot of product ( lasts me for about 8 mos.)
* texture is not chalky
* didn't me break me out
* I use this for setting my concealer and foundation
* has expiration date printed on the label
* sponge included is very soft!

* its scented! I have Allergic rhinitis and have a very sensitive nose. I'm very particular with scented face products, as much as possible I try to avoid them. But this powder is really good... so I'll keep on using this til I found a good replacement.
* packaging is kinda bulky if you plan to take this around. I prefer touching up using pressed powders ( I use MAC blot or Skin Food's Lemon pact powder).
Be sure to test the powder before buying, my friend bought this product and found out that she's allergic to it!

Always wash/replace the puff. I'm using velour puffs, its very economical since I can wash it many times and still looks good as new. It looks like this..

*image from*
Bought mine from a local department store, its a Japanese brand. It costs less than php 100 for 2 velour sponges! Not bad noh?! I prefer using a puff to set my concealer and foundation so that I can get more coverage.. and I don't want powders flying around when I use a brush (*sneeze*..*sneeze*)! Just press the puff gently all over your face to set foundation.

As what I've said, will keep purchasing til I found a good replacement for this.

RATING :4 out of 5

Skin Food Buckwheat Loose powder #21
without flash

with flash
What loose powder are you using?
Can you recommend an inexpensive loose powder that's unscented?
Let me know! =) muah!


donnarence said...

nice review kim.. i am in search for a good loose powder.. I have allergic rhinitis too.. i hate it when a product is overtly scented..

+ S T A R + said...


nice review! i am listing down all the possible products i must have for the coming holidays...

i do not have any single skin food products :(

are they really good?

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@donnarence - naku, pareho pala tayo! grabe kakaiinis noh?!

@girlwithglasses - hi jing! i only have their BB creams and powder (buckwheat and lemon pact).. i love all of them! =)

Fifi said...

I'm still looking for a good powder to set my makeup. Maybe I should try this.. Thanks for the review!

DinaXYYan said...

i've also done a review on this L/P , and i love it too.
i agree on the oil control, it's pretty good.
yeah, it's kinda bulky so i just use this for setting my foundation and use compact powder to touch up

Krys said...

This was my favorite back when I still used loose powder. Now I stick with pressed because it's less messy. I'm using Skin Food White Grape Light Pact now :D

AskMeWhats said...

wow..second ha? This must be great :) Thanks for the review, I have to visit Skinfood I haven't been doing much shopping lately :)

Unknown said...

um I use maybelline mineral powder. It's unscented and quite good. I have sensitive skin so I prefer this product.

Abby said...

Thank you for the review! I have been lemming on this since years ago, but i decided not to buy this one since it's a bit pricey. I however, opted for the TFS flower line for powders which also has the #21 and the lavender shades. I htink they have the same quality, only that, skin food is a splurge.

Anonymous said...

i love skinfood products the prob is its so hard to find/buy here in the US and ebay doesnt have all skinfood items ... do u know any multiply sites that i can buy skinfood products that ships in the US?

♥ mia said...

i tried this at a skinfood shop and it really is soo soft. but i went with their peach sake powder which was a tad softer pa hihi

their powders really are love!

too bad lng skinfood is so darn overpriced here in manila!

jehan said...

i really wish i could use skin food products. i love their products but everything i tried broke me out... since i'm now into mineral make up, i just wish more and more korean cosmetics brands would really jump into this bandwagon and really produce mineral make up lines...

Soapaholic said...

I use this powder too (among others hehe), and in the same shade.:) We have the same issues! Scented powder + allergic rhinitis = a bad morning. :(

I also have NARS loose powder, it looks great but doesn't do much for controlling oil!

The Glamarazzi said...

Nice photos Kym! :) I sometimes keep a pot of Maybelline's loose powder - not the mineral kind. It was an old set but still works okay. dunno if they still have it though considering they replaced their loose powders with the mineral ones.

K said...

a new lemming! I ordered dr jart silver na! BI! hahaha

does this have a silky texture? Ayoko na ng HD powders parang may something sa texture nila na hindi ko gusto!

Miss Shopcoholic said...

not "too" silky texture, like Palladio's rice powder I guess, but its good in controlling oil..

The Silken Backpack said...

Hey girls! Pre-orders for Skin Food Items are on-going up to May 7. Please check our site for items and prices. Products will arrive on May 12. Prices are super cheap compared to the mall and other re-sellers. Thanks!

Maho Lucil said...

This product helps to keep the make up long lasting. The last time I checked this product cost around $18 or more. You can also apply eye wrinkle creams to reduce the ugly signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Aisa.Paxie said...

nice review! i'd try this!:) can you recommend a good setting powder? i was using bobbi brown's setting powder (that comes with their concealer). Thanks!:)