Review : Loew Cornell Maxine 270 Mop Brush

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Flat oval white hair mops with short purple handles. All natural hair brushes in timeless, popular shapes with incredibly soft bristles. Affordably priced. These brushes hold lots of color for artists and can also be easily used as substitutes for MAC makeup brushes! These brushes apply makeup evenly and are great for blending harsh lines. - from

RETAIL PRICE: Php 300 or about $6.

* soft! this is made of goat hair.
* affordable
* inexpensive compared to the MAC 239 brush
* looks sturdy, this is a painter's brush btw.
* does a good job of picking up pigments
* packs eyeshadow on the lid to make the color more vibrant
* not scratchy
* did not shed on the first wash
* dries quickly

* not all sizes are available locally.
TIPS:I just wash this with dishwashing liquid diluted with a bit of water.
So happy I bought this brush! I find the MAC 239 expensive LOL

RATING :5 / 5

More pics
Close up of the Loew Cornell brush aka MAC 239 dupe brush.
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Loew Cornell 3/8 brush vs. MAC 239
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Thanks Sol for letting me borrow the pics.
Please visit her shop at if you want to purchase this brush. She's also selling inexpensive NYX Products =)

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Anastacia said...

Wow! the brush looks really nice and useful! Lovely size!!

Unknown said...

ay..i like this sis!cant afford mac
thanks for sharing sis

JoiceyTwenty said...

looks nice.. thanks for sharing:)

Carrie Tai said...

wow.. very lovely and pinky blog!

So many makeup stuffs here. Love it!

Jem said...

i have heard a lot about this brush & really wanted to get one for myself, but then i figured that now im not into eye make-up anymore so the draving is not that much compare to before..

thanks for the review,sis!
this is indeed a cheap but great find

hope you'll have a great weekend!