Review: Prestige Classic Kohl Eyeliner in White

I have been lemming of MAC Fascinating Kohl Eyeliner after reading Shen's review, but I find it too expensive for a white eyeliner. Luckily, my friend suggested Prestige Kohl liners. When I tried it at the counter, I was torn between the Waterproof variant (shimmery) and the Classic Liner (matte). I bought the latter since I already own a couple of shimmery white liners..

Prestige Classic Kohl Eyeliner in E-30 White

* image from Prestige*

Easy one stroke application glides on smoothly without tugging or pulling. The Prestige Classic Kohl Liner for eyes comes in sleek silver barrel with quick reference color matched end. Use Prestige sharpener #6002 for best results.

RETAIL PRICE: Php 275.00 or about $6 in Beauty Bar.

NET WEIGHT : 0.04 oz / 1.1 grams

SHADES : Available in more than 20 colors.

* one of the creamiest pencil liner I've ever tried
* very pigmented and glides easily without tugging
* no shimmers or glitters
* lasts for about 4 hours when applied on my waterline. Other pencils I've tried lasts only 1-2 hours.
* no weird scent unlike other pencil liners
* has a clear cap so that you can see the exact shade
* inexpensive product that works! instantly brightens my eye!

* none!

If you find this too pigmented, you can use a q-tip and gently smudge the color on your waterline. Another quick way to brighten the eye area is to simply apply it on the inner corners of the eye instead of lining the the entire waterline.

This is my very first Kohl Eyeliner and I'm impressed! I want to collect more shades.

5 / 5

More pics (click to enlarge)

When applied on the waterline

My other white liners
From top to bottom:
Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Liner in Pearl
ELF eye widener
Maybelline Eyestudio shadow liner in White Pearl
Prestige Classic Kohl in White

As you can see, all of them are shimmery except Prestige.

ELF is the least pigmented of the bunch, it hardly shows up on my waterline.
Fashion 21 is too creamy and fades easily but this is a good eye shadow base if you don't have super oily lids.
Maybelline is a also good if you're looking for a shimmery white liner. Staying power is great too! I also have the Dark Purple shade. Click here to read my review.

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Zaya said...

Thanks for the review! :) I'm going to pick one up soon. Are the dark colors just as great?

herroyalbleakness said...

hey khymm, thanks for the EOTD and for sharing your thoughts on this prod.

For 275 bucks, this is a keeper! im raiding beauty bar tomorrow for this. LOL, adik!

AskMeWhats said...

pretty kind of white na shaDE!


Wow Khhhhhyyyyyym!!!! You are so awesome! Been looking for a pigmented white pencil for the longest time :) I want prestige na :) - Trace

Beatriz said...

I have this same liner in black - it is pretty darn nice!

Lizz said...

Ooh, love it! I'm totally picking one up. My white liner just isn't doing it for me anymore.

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ Zaya - Sorry but I haven't tried/tested the dark colors yet..

@ J- yes, its available in Beauty Bar.

*KiM* said...

Yes Prestige liners are good. An inexpensive product that works :)

niggi said...

hi sis!ang ganda ng white sayo :)

Stevista said...

Wow!!! wow!! wow!!! that looks amazing on your waterline!! :) I have a Prestige Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner in black and I really like it, so I guess I have to try the white khol one! I have the elf one too and it doesn't show up on my waterline :(


TK said...

OMG! Thank you! I was looking for a white eyeliner for my waterline. This is just what I needed. I'm currently using Rimmel's but it's terrible.

Anastacia said...

Seems like very nice pigmented eyeliner

Anastacia said...

Seems like very nice pigmented eyeliner

xxyy said...

great review! I just bought a white eyeliner but I`m not really pleased of it so maybe I`ll try this one.xx

Sweet said...

Oh Khymm, I have been loving white eyeliners right now...

take care gorgeous!!!

great post

Christine said...

love it <3
I love white eyeliners, so pretty and makes your eyes look bigger :)

TanPuiWen said...

hey would just like to ask ya.. the maybelline impact eye liner.. how do u sharpen it? Isn't it plastic ? or is it not O_O

Miss Shopcoholic said...

yes the Maybelline eyeliner is made of plastic, but it can be sharpened using an ordinary sharpener.

TanPuiWen said...

oh thanks!! i've been looking for answer Everywhere but no one said anything! THANKS YEAHH!! *muah*!

- - aika - - said...

wow! ganda naman nito may ibang shade ba sis?

miss_dibly said...

Whoah! Finally! I've been looking for an affordable white eyeliner! You're an angel! Thanks for sharing! :D

Nika said...

Thank you for this! I need a good liner for my waterline and I'm definitely gonna try this one out. :)

- - aika - - said...

will buy this today :D may idea ka ba kung maganda yung black nito sis?

Miss Shopcoholic said...

hi aika! sorry di ko natest yung black eh =)

- - aika - - said...

im loving my prestige liner kaso yung white nag blur paningin ko

yung black pigmented din pinatongan ko yung white ko opaque black pa din sya :D

- - aika - - said...

do you exp it din ba?