Review: Ben Nye Neutral Set & Banana Visage Powder

As promised, here's the review for the Ben Nye products I've bought.
I'll review the loose powders first.

Ben Nye Banana Visage Poudre Luxury Powder

Ultra-neutral powders provide superior matte and and subtle finishing. Often compared to French powders with silky-fine textures. Visage Poudres are translucent with just a hint of color. Available in 4 shades - Banana, Cameo, Buff and Beige Suede.

This powder is said to be a cheaper alternative for the famous T. Leclerc Banane Powder.

Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder

This colorless powder blends with all skintones. Its a must to set bright colors or specialty tints when no color shift is important. Special formula controls perspiration.

RETAIL PRICE: $10 each excluding shipping.

WEIGHT : 85 grams / 3 oz.
WHERE TO PURCHASE: At Funhousetheatrical on Ebay.

PROS:* powders are unscented
* inexpensive compared to other professional setting powders like Kryolan etc.
* photographs well
* translucent coverage, does not alter the shade of my foundation.
* powder fits all skintones
since this goes translucent
* been using this everyday for more than a week and so far no allergies/breakouts
* good oil control
* bottle contains a LOT of product, i think it will take 2 years to finish this!
* a little product goes a long way
* improves the staying power of my concealer & foundation. I noticed before at the end of the day my concealer and foundation starts to melt/fade but I didn't experience this when I started using this powder.
* even if I perspire my foundation and powder are still intact. No more caking!
* didn't settle into fine lines (when used as setting powder for the undereyes)

* not available locally* shaker bottle is not convenient to carry.

If you plan to carry this in your bag or during shoots you can transfer some contents into an empty loose powder tub. (see pic below)

You can use this powder to setting powder or as a final powder to set your makeup and to control oil/shine. I sometimes use my
Skinfood Buckwheat powder (so it wouldn't go to waste) to set my foundation, then after doing my makeup I dust a thin layer of the Banana Visage or Neutral set powder to "set" everything.

ADDICTION FACTOR:My new HG loose powder! Isn't it obvious I really love this powder?!

5 / 5

More pics (click to enlarge)
close up of the Neutral set powder

close up of the Banana Visage Powder

Ben Nye Banana Visage vs. Neutral Set Powder

When blended on NC20 skintone
Goes competely translucent =)

I roadtested these powders during our photoshoot 2 weeks ago.
Click HERE for our FOTD's in case you missed it.

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AskMeWhats said...

I do hope someone will carry Ben Nye products down here! Heard their products are really good and inexpensive :)

Thanks for the review

Anastacia said...

I've heard a lot of good feedback about those powders and seems like there is a huge amount of product!

Unknown said...

at first I thought that was a bottle of baby powder ^^;; wow, I'll have to check this out, that's a lot powder for $10, especially if it works this well!

Pammy said...

I should try this once I use up my Kryolan Anti Shine Powder. Thanks for the comprehensive review. :P

Crystal said...

i have the banana powder and i like it also!

Kinney said...

Hi! :)

I'm interested in ordering something from Ebay. However, I'm quite hesitant since I dont know how the shipping goes and where I will get them. Hope you can email me some tips on transacting in Ebay. :)

Please email me at kinneypie(at)yahoo(dot)com :)

Unknown said...

woww, I love translucent powder! probably going to get one =)!

Fifi said...

Hi Khymm!
Have you tried MAC blot powder before? I wonder how the two compares... Ugh if it's just as good I should have just bought this instead! LOL. Thank you for the review!

Miss Shopcoholic said...

Hi fifi! Yes, i have the MAC blot powder, but I'm not so amazed with it, but its convenient though for touch ups. In terms of oil control, I prefer Ben Nye =)

Unknown said...

thanks for the review! i really want to try the banana visage but cant find it anywhere other than online shops. =(