Review : Charm Retractable Kabuki Brush

Product Info from Beauty & Minerals:

For girls on the go who love stuffing their stuffs in their bag, the Charm Luxe Retractable Kabuki is the perfect travel companion, and perfect trophy makeup item in your bag! Like the Charm Luxe Kabuki, the Luxe Retractable Kabuki is made of synthetic, vegan hair, that glides like velvet no matter how much you buff it on your skin!

RETAIL PRICE: Php 500.00

* its pink! =)
* easily fits in my makeup bag
* did not bleed during the first wash.
* minimal shedding
* synthetic hair - good for people with sensitive skin.
* hair is soft and fluffy!


* Brush is good for sheer application of loose powder and powder foundation.
* I recommend washing/deep cleaning your powder brushes once a week.
* After washing your brushes, lay them on a towel to air dry. Never use a blow dryer coz it may damage the hair.

This brush is a staple in my kikay kit.

RATING : 5/5

More Pics
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Close-up shot

Charm Retractable Kabuki and Kabuki brush

Another shot
I got the Charm Kabuki brush last October during the Beauty & Minerals' sale while the Retractable Kabuki brush was a birthday gift from my dear friend Yerra. =)

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Cynthia Z said...

It's super cute!


Yen said...

Nice review Khymm! The brush is so pretty and cute kasi pink. :D

Pammy said...

Super cute, Kim! I only have the mini kabuki and I love it. Nice review. I would love to try this brush next. :)

Michelle said...

Cute! I wonder if they have it in other colors? :)

isea said...

the retractable brush's bristles look nicer than the ones on the regular kabuki, or is it just the effect of regular usage? i'd love to get this for my mom, who's finally considering lighter mineral makeup to replace her thick n heavy foundations. :)

rosey said...

i have the kabuki brush, but it's scratchy. how about yours sis?

Chantzy said...

cute, I want one!

Hollie said...

This is sooo pretty.
It's soft, pink and it's Retractable... love it!

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ Rosey - yes medyo scratchy yung Kabuki brush unlike the Retractable kabuki na uber soft =)

The Short Girl said...

Great post! Your reviews are really helpful! Great blog too!

Mai said...

oh it's sooo pretty!