How I do my brows + simple EOTD

Hello guys! 
This is just a quick tutorial on how I do my brows everyday.

So here's my straight looking brow =P

Here are the 3 brow products I'm using:
Nichido eye pencil in black brown

Angled brow brush 
So here are the steps on how I do my brows:
1. Using the angled brush I FILL in my brows using the brow powder from Sleek.  
Use the spoolie afterwards to evenly distribute the powder.

2.  OUTLINE your desired shape using the brow pencil, then run the angled brush on the "outline" to avoid harsh edges and to blend the powder and the pencil. Use your spoolie to brush the brows again.

3. Then I use MAC Girl boy browset to CORRECT (lighten) the color of my brows. 
So simple eh? Just remember to FILL - OUTLINE - CORRECT (FOC) method.
I know some they draw the outline first before filling in the brows, but it really depends on you =)


I used my new Bobbi Brown To Go Smokey Neutrals Eye shadow palette in this pic which I got during the launching of Bobbi Brown cosmetics in Rustans Ayala Cebu. Thank you Bobbi Brown Philippines and to Ms. Jill Baysa.

Here's the pretty palette, I used the following shades:
#1 -  Navajo metallic Eye shadow (highlight)
#2 - Cement eye shadow (crease) to blend #3 shadow
#3 - Velvet Plum Metallic eye shadow (lid)

I'm loving Bobbi Brown's eyeshadow palette! Review to follow. 

Till next time,

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pretty eyes :)!
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